01 Feb 2016
February 1, 2016

Your Eyelid Surgery Checklist

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Eyelid Surgery Checklist

Before and After Blepharoplasty

To get the best results when you undergo eyelid surgery, it’s important to follow the plan that your surgeon outlines both before and after your procedure. Just like any other medical procedure, plastic surgery carries the risk of complication. The probability of something going wrong increases when you don’t follow your eyelid surgery checklist.

Before Your Eyelid Surgery

Inform your doctor about any medical conditions that you’re dealing with, in addition to any medication that you’re taking, prescribed or otherwise. Being completely honest with your surgeon ensures that they make the best possible decision regarding your eyelid surgery.

Make arrangements for a family member or friend to be present before, during and after the procedure. After you undergo any type of surgical procedure, it’s never recommended that you attempt to get yourself home under your own power.

Follow the surgeon’s instructions, including cessation of smoking, taking prescribed medicine, undergoing recommended tests and avoiding aspirin and other medications or substances that cause thinning blood.

After the Eyelid Surgery

In order to avoid any complications while healing, make sure that you follow the surgeon’s instructions. Make sure to follow-up with your doctor to monitor the progress of your recovery.

Remember to protect your eyelids against UV radiation by using sunscreen or wearing sunglasses. Don’t rub or touch your eyelids until fully healed. After your procedure, you’ll want to avoid strenuous exercise, heavy lifting and using contact lenses for at least a couple of weeks. You should also sleep with your head above your chest for a few days.

Keep the area clean using the medications prescribed by your surgeon. Avoid any over-the-counter medications, like Aspirin or Advil, that may increase bleeding and lengthen recovery. Swelling is best dealt with using a cold compress gently placed on the eye.

Any sudden changes in your condition should be reported immediately to your surgeon.

Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

There is a wide variety of reasons why people have droopy eyelids, including age, genetics and cellular damage. Successful blepharoplasty makes a huge difference, helping to get rid of excess eyelid tissue that can lead to blocked vision.

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