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Why Doctors Recommend Male Breast Reduction

Are you a man with abnormally large breast tissue, and you want to do something about it? You might be a candidate for male breast reduction. This surgery effectively reduces the size of your breasts to give your chest a more natural, more masculine appearance. Read on to learn more about why doctors recommend this type of surgery.

A Routine Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is a fairly common procedure. Although all surgeries are a serious matter, this procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis.

The surgery takes approximately an hour. The surgeon can perform the surgery under general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthetic and sedation.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Can Boost a Man’s Confidence

Men with gynecomastia (Greek for “enlarged breasts) experience teasing and low self esteem as a result of their condition. While no surgery can erase the damaged caused by years of taunts and bullying, it can make you feel better about your body.

Your chest will be flatter and look more manly. Finally, you’ll feel less self-conscious when you take off your shirt.

The Possibility of Minimal Scarring

Are your enlarged breasts caused by excess glandular tissue? There’s a good chance that your procedure won’t leave massive scars.

The surgeon can cut out excess glandular tissue with a scalpel. He or she makes an incision in an inconspicuous location, such as the area around the nipple or the underarm.

As long as your skin is firm and elastic, it should heal well and reshape itself accordingly.

Not a Long Recovery Period

When you undergo male breast reduction surgery, you don’t have to stay in bed for days on end. In fact, many patients return to work within a few days.

Your surgeon will tell you that exercise is off-limits for approximately three weeks (depending on how well your body heals). This is a much shorter period than many other plastic surgeries.

Are You Considering Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Are you seriously thinking about male breast reduction surgery? Contact the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery at 705-302-3247. The director of the Royal Centre, Dr. Kenneth Dickie, has 20 years of experience performing plastic surgery. Dr. Dickie has innovated procedures for breast surgery. He and his staff are professional and dedicated to your healing and recovery. You don’t have to live with enlarged breasts any longer. A consultation with Dr. Dickie can transform your body and confidence – call today to learn more.