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Male Chest Implants

Pectoral Augmentation – Male Chest Implants Procedures Barrie, Ontario

Pectoral augmentation is meant for men who have tried many times to develop their pectoral muscles. Pectoral augmentation can be performed by a small incision in the armpit where a silicone prosthesis is inserted under the pectoralis major muscle. This surgery has immediate results.

Is Pectoral Augmentation right for you?

Have you tried various different techniques including working out relentlessly to improve your pectoral muscles and failed? If so, then this surgery may be right for you. The procedure is performed under anaesthesia and is a day surgery procedure. The best part is that the results are immediate and permanent.

If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your chest due to enlarged breast tissue, you might be a good candidate for male breast reduction instead.


The patient may experience discomfort immediately following the surgery for several days. Bruising and swelling can be apparent.


Please contact the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dickie. During this consultation, the patient will discuss risk and complications associated with the procedure. This time will also allow the patient to view pre- and post-operative photos. We are committed to helping you look and feel your best.

Male Chest Implants Before & After

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