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Ear Surgery

Ear surgery, cosmetic surgery OntarioOtoplasty in Canada – Ear Surgery Procedures Barrie, Ontario

Otoplasty ear surgery (also known as ear pinning) is performed to correct prominent ear(s), placing the ear(s) closer to the back of the head. This procedure is commonly performed on children after the age of 6 years old. Many adults often choose otoplasty surgery to improve their self-image.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Procedure

During your physical evaluation, Dr. Kenneth Dickie – board-certified and internationally recognized plastic surgeon – will assess the ear(s) and discuss the possible outcome after surgery.

The surgical procedure will take approximately two hours, depending upon the extent of the correction. Otoplasty surgery can be performed either under a local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic, depending upon the age of the patient. An incision is made behind the ear to remove excess skin and ear cartilage. The cartilage is shaped to a more desirable contour. Following the correction, the ear is sutured and dressed.

Surgery Outcomes

Cosmetic otoplasty renders very positive results creating or restoring the natural shape of the ears. Though no surgery can predict perfect symmetry, it will improve the facial balance, the proportion of the ears and face.


After your surgery, you will be discharged with dressings around your head to hold and support your ear(s) in the new position. These dressing must remain in place until your follow up appointment with Dr. Dickie. Stitches are usually removed (or will dissolve) in about a week.

During the recovery time of two to four weeks, Dr. Dickie will advise you to refrain from any activity in which the ear might be bent. The head dressing must stay on for a ten-day period. Therefore, most patients will resume their normal activity once the dressing is removed. The discomfort experienced after the cosmetic procedure can be alleviated with prescirbed pain medication.


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