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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatment Procedures Barrie, Ontario

Advances in technology allow us to benefit from laser treatments that deliver exceptional results. Laser based therapies are used for a wide range of skin types and skin treatments including skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation (Photo facial), acne reduction, permanent hair reduction, and removal of facial veins and hyperpigmentation.

At the Royal Center of Plastic Surgery, we use the Harmony Pixel 2940 er:YAG and AFT hand pieces by Alma Lasers. AFT is the next generation of intense pulsed light (IPL). It converts the formerly unused light into usable energy through a special filtering system. This new filter increases emission and penetration, for more effective treatments. The Pixel 2940 er:YAG module delivers results similar to ablative skin resurfacing, but has little downtime due to its semi-ablative approach.

(Free microdermabrasion treatment or superficial peel treatment with the purchase of any package)

Laser-Based Cosmetic Procedures in Barrie

Cosmetic laser treatments have revolutionized the pursuit of aesthetic goals by offering remarkable results with minimal invasiveness. Utilizing advanced laser technology, these aesthetic treatments address a wide range of concerns, including skin rejuvenation, hair removal, pigmentation correction, and acne reduction.

Skin Tightening Treatment (face and neck)

A non-invasive laser light treatment that is designed to tighten skin, stimulate new collagen, reduce fine lines, and soften wrinkles through the delivery of thermal energy to the dermis and epidermis. This laser therapy gives best results inresurfacing your natural beauty when used in a series of treatments that are spaced 10 days to 2 weeks apart.

Skin Tightening Facial (face and neck) Laser Therapy

Tightens skin, reduces fine lines, and softens wrinkles. This treatment is similar to the “skin tightening treatment” with the extra benefits of a facial. Your skin will look radiant from: cleansing, toning, neck and face massage, hydrating or calming mask, an eye treatment, antioxidant vitamin serums, protective lotion, and SPF.

Skin Rejuvenating (Photo Facial) Treatment

Skin rejuvenation is the ultimate in non-invasive laser therapy services to treat a wide variety of skin imperfections. One of the most common and effective medical spa procedures that gives results in: new collagen production, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (age spots), broken capillaries, rosacea, and vascular lesions.

Acne Laser Treatments for the Face

The bacteria responsible for causing acne release porphyrins — a group of organic compounds resulting from hemoglobin metabolism. Intense blue vawelenghts target the prophyrins, eliminating the bacteria without harming the surrounding tissue. With consistent application, noticeable improvements can be observed over time.

Recommended twice a week for 4 weeks.

Acne Treatment for Upper Back

This is an effective alternative to daily pills and creams for the improvement of acne. The interaction between the Harmony AFT 420-950 nm and the body`s own porphyrins (bacteria in pores) create oxygen which destroys P. acnes bacteria, gradually reducing breakouts. This is a safe treatment with an average of 80% acne clearance.

Recommended twice a week for 4 weeks.

Hyperpigmentation Removal

This treatment reduces the appearance of solar induced pigmented lesions (age spots) on any area of the body. Hyperpigmentation removal is a quick service with minimal discomfort.

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour

Facial Veins (Telangiectasias), Spider Veins, and Vascular Lesion Removal

This treatment reduces the look of broken capillaries and facial veins quickly, effectively and with minimal discomfort.

  • Facial veins and vascular lesions
  • Leg veins (spider veins)

Pixel 2940 er:YAG Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing with the Pixel 2940 er:YAG helps to soften wrinkles and acne scarring. Unlike topical creams and serums, laser skin resurfacing works deep in the underlying dermal tissue. This results in collagen regeneration that leads to a smoother looking appearance. Skin resurfacing is a gradual process that happens over several treatments and should be part of an overall skin care program for youthful appearance.

  • Full Face – individual or package of 4
  • Neck – individual or package of 4
  • Full face & neck – individual or package of 4
  • Partial Face – individual or package of 4
  • Chest or upper back – individual or package of 4
  • Eyes or Perioral – individualor package of 4

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is the most popular laser light based esthetic procedure in the world. It is the process of safely removing unwanted hair by exposing it to thermal energy to destroy the hair follicles. An average of 6-10 treatment sessions ranging from 3-8 weeks apart will give optimal results. These numbers vary depending on hair thickness, density and the area being treated. A consultation will be needed to determine your individual schedule. If you currently wax you can start this service in as little as 6 weeks!

  • Abdomen – individual or package of 4
  • Areola – individual or package of 4
  • Arms (full) – individual or package of 4
  • Arms (half) – individual or package of 4
  • Back (full) – individual or package of 4
  • Back (lower) – individual or package of 4
  • Back (upper) – individual or package of 4
  • Bikini – individual or 4
  • Bikini (French) – individual or 4
  • Brazilian – individual or 4
  • Buttocks – individual or package of 4
  • Chest – individual or package of 4
  • Chin – individual or package of 4
  • Face (full) – individual or package of 4
  • Face (partial)- individual or package of 4
  • Feet – individual or package of 4
  • Fingers – individual or package of 4
  • Hands (including fingers) -individual or package of 4
  • Hands (without fingers) – individual or package of 4
  • Inner or partial thigh -individual or package of 4
  • Leg (full) – individual or package of 4
  • Leg (lower) – individual or package of 4
  • Leg (upper) – individual or package of 4
  • Neck – individual or package of 4
  • Sideburns – individual or package of 4
  • Upper lip – individual or package of 4
  • Underarm – individual or package of 4

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