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Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)

Forehead Lift Procedures Barrie, Ontario

Droopy eyebrows and horizontal forehead creases can be fixed by a forehead lift or “brow lift.” These facial impediments can make an individual look tired, angry or sad no matter how happy and rested they may feel. The muscles and skin that cause furrowing or drooping are removed to smooth the forehead and raise the eyebrow.

This procedure can be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures including eyelid surgery and a facelift.

Is a Brow Lift Facial Surgery Right for Me?

Brow lift surgery is a procedure that is performed on both men and women between the approximate ages of 40 to 70, who are looking to eliminate a sagging eyebrow area, hooding of the upper eyelids and horizontal forehead creases. Even if you are balding or have a receding hairline Dr. Dickie can accommodate your individual physical features.

How is a Brow Lift Surgery Performed?

Dr. Dickie may use the conventional surgical method where an incision is made behind the hairline and is imperceptible; or the surgical correction may be performed using an endoscope. Both techniques will result in a smoother forehead.

After tightening the underlying tissue and altering any muscles that are causing problems, the incisions are then carefully closed. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and any pain or discomfort you experience can usually be controlled with mild medication.

Recovery After ForehEad Lift

Patients may experience numbness, swelling and temporary discomfort around the incision sites. Numbness on the top of the head and forehead may be replaced by mild itching. Sutures will come out within a week and the swelling and bruising usually subsides within five to ten days. Your desired result should last at least ten years. The procedure can be repeated as desired by the patient.


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Forehead Lift
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