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The Eclipse Micropen is on the cutting edge of micro-needling technology. Doctors and patients alike have been loving the treatments for reducing the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. The Eclipse MicroPen was designed to give doctors, nurses and aestheticians a micro-needling device that allows them the ability to perform treatments with great ease and the knowledge the treatments are safe for their patients.

It’s hard for patients to find a treatment that noticeably improves their skin, while also having little downtime to fit into their busy life. Not only is there short downtime, but the treatment itself takes only a half hour. Let’s face it, everyone is moving at a million miles an hour and in today’s society, people expect results and things to happen now. It has been an instant hit with patients and clients all over the world!

Introducing the Eclipse Micropen

For individuals with severe to very moderate acne scarring, the Eclipse MicroPen has controllable depth settings for treating all areas of the skin. Ice Pick, Box Car  and Rolling acne scares, all have different shapes and depths to their formations, which makes the Eclipse MicroPen the ideal device to use for treatments. Wrinkles and fine lines can be caused by a number of things, from sun damage to stress, but the skin has lost some of its Elastin and Collagen in the affected area. By using the Eclipse MicroPen to penetrate deep into the dermis, it stimulates the skin’s healing mechanism and begins a process of collagen production.

It’s also a great alternative for someone that doesn’t have the downtime or doesn’t want to be seen with the after effects of fractional lasers. You won’t see the same results from one MicroPen treatment as you would from one laser treatment, but with a few MicroPen treatments, patients get the results they want.

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