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Spa Services

Spa Services Barrie, Ontario

Spa Services Barrie, OntarioBeautiful skin starts with a healthy epidermis and the best way to effectively achieve that is to use good skin care products and get regular facials. Within our spa services offered at our clinic in Barrie, ON, we will help you select the right facial treatment for your skin type or skin problem. If you have aging, dry, dehydrated, sensitive, oily, acneic, hyper-pigmented or normal skin there is a facial that will provide the desired outcome and that is perfect for you!

Royal Facial – $100

This facial treatment is perfect for all skin types and conditions. The Royal facial is the best way to clean your skin and ensure it is ready to experience further treatments or effectively absorb your skin care products. Maintain healthy skin with regular facials and spa services that are tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Pedicure – $50 (1 hour)

The classic in pampering for the feet. This pedicure includes only the finest products to give you amazing, long lasting results! We soak your feet, cut your nails and cuticles, reduce calluses, give a relaxing massage, and then polish to perfection.

  • +$7.50 for French (add 15 minutes)

Shellac Pedicure – $70 (1.5 hours)

Frustrated with the amount of time needed for your toe nail polish to dry? With a Shellac pedicure that’s not a problem!

This pedicure includes only the finest products to give you amazing, long lasting results but with a gel polish instead of a lacquer! We remove your previous Shellac, soak your feet, cut your nails and cuticles, reduce calluses, apply the Shellac, then finish with a relaxing massage

  • +$7.50 for French

Express Pedicure – $40 (30 minutes)

Not enough time for a complete pedicure? This express service will make your feet feel pampered. Included is a foot soak, nail trimming, your choice of cuticle or callus removal, then finishes with a hydrating massage.

Medical Pedicure – $70 (1.5 hours)

If your feet need extra care this is the pedicure for you. We

work on corns, fissures, ingrown toenails and fungal infections using up to date sanitation protocols. Your pedicure starts with a consultation to determine specific medical needs. This service includes a sanitizing foot soak, cutting of nails, cuticles and calluses, and then finishes off with a relaxing massage.

  • Polishing not included

Manicure – $30 (30 minutes)

The classic hand treatment to make your nails and skin look beautiful! We shape your nails, clean up your cuticles, and apply the best quality oil and cream before giving a relaxing massage. Finishes with your choice of polish.

  • +$5 for French

Shellac Manicure – $50 (1 hour)

The ultimate in manicures that lasts up to 2 weeks! This service includes a Shellac removal from your previous service. We shape your nails, clean up your cuticles, apply the Shellac and finish off with the best quality oil and cream and a relaxing massage.

  • +$5 for French

Shellac Application – $35 (30 minutes)

The ultimate finish that lasts 2 weeks. If your nails are shaped and ready for a Shellac this quick service is for you. Includes nail buffing, Shellac application and a light cream finish.

  • +$5 for French

Shellac Removal – $10 (15 minutes)

Quick and safe removal of your Shellac with a skin nourishing remover, a light nail buffing and cream to re-hydrate as a finish.

Paraffin for Hands and Feet – $20 (15 minutes)

Does your dry skin need a little TLC? The treat yourself to an exfoliation and paraffin wax with heated mittens or booties.

Hand or Foot Spa Massage – $25

Indulge yourself with 15 minute relaxing and hydrating spa massage.

Hair Tinting

Eyelashes – $30
Eyebrows – $20
Lash/Brow combo – $45
Bikini Area – $40

Waxing or Tweezing

Abdomen – $30
Areola – $10
Arm (lower half) – $30
Arm (full) – $40
Back (1/2) – $40
Back (full) – $55
Bikini – $35
Bikini (French) – $40
Brazilian – $55
Chest – $35
Chin – $10
Eyebrows – $20
Full Face – $40
Leg (lower half) – $45
Legs (full) – $75
Full and Bikini – $90
Full Leg and Brazilian – $110
Underarms – $20
Upper Lip – $10