Plastic surgery procedures tend to be perceived as expensive because they’re often linked to celebrities who feel they have to invest in staying young for the camera. However, over the past couple of decades, the proliferation of technology has driven down the costs of procedures while increasing their effectiveness. No longer do patients have to.. read more →

Are you a man with abnormally large breast tissue, and you want to do something about it? You might be a candidate for male breast reduction. This surgery effectively reduces the size of your breasts to give your chest a more natural, more masculine appearance. Read on to learn more about why doctors recommend this.. read more →

As you know, the upper part of our spine is very strong out of necessity. It acts as an anchor to the rib cage and supports the upper body, but due to the weight it must bear, it can be prone to pain. Like lower back pain, upper back pain is usually (but not always) caused by muscular.. read more →