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10 Important Questions To Ask Your Doctor in a Breast Augmentation Consultation

Deciding to have a breast augmentation surgery is a big decision. As you approach the date of your consultation, it is normal to feel excited and apprehensive. Because you may be nervous during your appointment, it is easy to forget important questions to ask your doctor. We’ve collected ten questions you absolutely must ask your surgeon during your consultation for breast augmentation in Barrie.

  1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

The doctor you use should be accredited. You can also find this information online through the American Board of Plastic surgeries website.

  1. How many breast augmentation surgeries have you performed?

While many plastic surgeons can perform breast augmentation in Barrie , not all of them will specialize in the surgery. You’ll want to look for a surgeon with a good deal of experience in the procedure you are having performed. .

  1. Where do you have hospital privileges?

Finding out where and if your doctor has hospital privileges is important. In the case of complications, hospital privileges are important. Most experienced plastic surgeons will be affiliated with a hospital.

  1. Do you have before and after pictures? 

Before and after pictures are a good way to get a feel of the doctor’s work, and most doctors will provide you with a portfolio to look at. When choosing a surgeon for breast augmentation in Barrie, a portfolio will help you choose a surgeon who’s style goes with the vision you have of yourself post surgery.

  1. What is your policy on revisions?

Revisions may be necessary if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the doctor’s work, so be sure to ask about whether or not revisions are included in the price of surgery.

  1. What are the potential complications of breast augmentation surgery?

All surgeries carry potential risks and breast augmentation in Barrie is no different. Before you pick a surgeon and set your surgery date,be sure to ask what he potential complications are.

  1. What type of implant will you be using?

Ask the doctor whether he or she will be using silicone or saline implants for your breast augmentation in Barrie, and why. The doctor should be able to tell you why the product will be used and how it will affect your overall outcome.

  1. What technique will you be using for implantation and why?

Finding out the technique that will be used for your breast augmentation in Barrie can help you better plan for your recovery. You’ll want to find a surgeon whose focus is on the least invasive technique possible for your specific case.

  1. How will implants affect sensation and future function?

Breast augmentation surgery can affect sensation and breastfeeding function, so be sure to ask your doctor what you should expect after the surgery.

  1. What is the warranty on the implants?

All implants should come with a warranty. You should find out what the manufacturers policy is on the implants, and what you can expect if the implant ruptures or is recalled.