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14 Common Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

Most people have very negative ideas about rhinoplasty, also known as “getting a nose job.” There are also a number of myths circulating about this type of surgery. We’ve identified the top 14 misconceptions about getting a nose job, and we clear them up for you to provide a better understanding of rhinoplasty.

Negative Perceptions About Rhinoplasty

Here are some of the unfavourable things people say about nose jobs:

  1. “Only rich people can afford it.” The median income for many rhinoplasty patients is $50,000. Plastic surgeons have made this procedure more affordable by offering payment plans.
  2. “Nose jobs are so obvious.” A nose job will only look obvious if the surgeon doesn’t do a good job. However, when a surgeon does do a good job, the results are natural looking. In this case, no one will know unless you tell them!
  3. “You have to be vain to want a nose job.” Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a personal decision. It stems from the feeling that your nose isn’t in harmony with the rest of your face. Many times, a patient has suffered a traumatic injury to his or her nose, and he or she wants to correct the damage.
  4. “It’s a painful surgery.” In reality, surgery on the noseis usually not that painful after the operation takes place, even if the surgeon needed to break your nose.
  5. “There are just some things on the nose that can’t be fixed.” Each plastic surgeon has a certain set of skills and experience. If a surgeon tells you he or she can’t fix something, get a second opinion.
  6. “I’ll have to have the surgery redone.” In the vast majority of cases, a patient needs more than one surgery if the surgeon didn’t do it right the first time. Sometimes, there might be a residual bump, necessitating a minor surgery.
  7. “I won’t know what my nose will look like for at least six months post-op.” Although swelling can take a few weeks to subside, you should have an idea of what your new nose looks like right after the surgery.

Myths about Rhinoplasty

Here are the things people say about rhinoplasty which are just plain wrong:

  1. “I can get whatever nose I like.” Not every nose fits every face, so patients need to be realistic.
  2. “It’s a pretty simple surgery.” Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex surgeries. The surgeon must have great attention to detail to ensure that one part of the nose matches everything else.
  3. “Any plastic surgeon can do a nose job.” A surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation won’t have the experience to perform rhinoplasty with natural looking results. Select an experienced specialist.
  4. “Any plastic surgeon can correct a badly done nose job.” Only a surgeon who has extensive experience in performing revision or reconstructive rhinoplasty will be able to achieve the natural looking results that the first surgeon was not able to obtain.
  5. “Insurance will cover the surgery.” Your health insurance will cover a nose job if it’s a non-cosmetic procedure, meaning that it’s performed in order to help you breathe better.
  6. “Nose jobs are just for women.” Many men have opted to undergo plastic surgery to fix their noses because of bumps, a bulbous tip, or making the bridge narrower.
  7. “Having a nose job affects the way you breathe.” An experienced plastic surgeon understands how the nose works, and will ensure that it works properly after the operation.

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