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4 Things To Know Before Facial Surgery

Similar to any other medical procedure, it’s always best to have an idea what you’re getting into before choosing to undergo the process. In terms of facial surgery, the questions that you ask yourself should be focused on your expected results, as well as finding out more about the person who’s performing the procedure.

Expect Improvement

Sometimes, when people opt to undergo facial surgery, they expect that the results will create a perfect face according to whatever vision they have in mind. However, facial surgery isn’t meant to magically sculpt perfection, but to make the most out of what you already have through subtle alterations.

These improvements help restore balance or create features that blend well with the way you look.

Risk Vs. Reward

Your surgeon should be the person filling you in on the details. Complications due to anaesthesia or the way you heal, although very rare, may result in unexpected side effects that make the process more difficult than expected. A good surgeon minimizes the risk while working with you to ensure that you get fantastic results.

Length of Procedure and Recovery

Another piece of information that your plastic surgeon should give you upfront is the length of the procedure and the expected time for recovery. Typically, whenever you go through an outpatient procedure, you should have somebody ready to take you to and from the clinic. Afterwards, you should be given a timeline for recovery, as well as follow-up appointments where the surgeon checks in on how everything is working out.

Surgeon Qualifications

Check to make sure that your surgeon possesses a license to practice as well as updated certifications from the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Ask your surgeon about the amount of experience they have performing the facial procedure that you are about to undertake. A skilled, experience plastic surgeon will minimize the risk while maximizing the results.

Are You Interested in Facial Surgery?

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