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5 Side Effects of Body Contouring You Need To Know

It’s important to know that body contouring procedures can cause body contouring side effects. Often patients lose weight by means of gastric bypass or lap bands. But diet and exercise can result in rapid weight loss as well.

When this weight loss occurs, it can leave excess skin, which is unsightly. It can lower the self-esteem, even though that individual lost weight.

Body contouring procedures are available to help reduce the amount of excess skin and re-contour the body to look its best. This procedure can involve a body lift, tummy tuck, breast lift or even liposuction. But, just know there are occasional body contouring side effects.


One of the most common side effects associated with body contouring procedures is scarring. With any procedure scars are inevitable. However, surgeons try their best to limit the visibility of these scars.

The scars from body contouring can usually be hidden along the bikini line, under the breasts, or even under the armpit.

But, it’s not always possible to hide scarring from body contouring procedures. So be aware that visible scarring may occur. Some people don’t heal well from scars and a keyloid buildup can occur due to improper scarring. If this occurs it’s best to talk to your plastic surgeon about your options.


Another potential risk associated with any procedure is the risk of wounds failing to heal properly.

During the body contouring process more than 25lbs can be removed at one time. This means that some incisions can be deep and extensive. This can lead to more stress on sutures and stitches. They may require wraps that have to hold the suture together in order to heal properly.

But, if the patient has a history of skin problems then there is an increased risk of a wound problem developing. It also might mean that the suture separates after the procedure. In rare cases post-surgical care is required in order to minimize scarring.

Excess Fluid

There are some issues that are more unique to body contouring procedures. One of these unique conditions is excess fluid that is trapped in the body, also known as seroma.

This can occur due to excess fluid that previously had 25 pounds of flesh to flow through. It means that the fluid has to build up elsewhere. It is a fairly simple condition to treat. The treatment involves drainage; however the tubes that are used during the draining process may be to be left in the body for a week at a time. This is a rare condition and how it’s handled on a case by case basis. It is important to be aware that this could occur following a body contouring procedure.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can occur with any procedure or trauma. So, it is a potential side effect for those undergoing body contouring. Internal bleeding can be cured very similarly to that of seroma. Excess blood is usually drained. It’s important though to find the source of bleeding. It may require additional surgery. Infection is also a side effect that can occur from drainage.

It is important to note that private procedures have a decreased chance of infections than those in a hospital setting.


Perhaps one of the most common side effects that is unique to body contouring procedures is that of overexertion. Usually as patients recover they feel much lighter on their feet. This gives them the notion that they can go back to their usual tasks or even more strenuous activities. This is dangerous as it can result in the tearing of sutures. It’s important to hold off on any strenuous activities until getting the clear from the doctor.

Body contouring side effects are no more risky than those associated with any other procedure.

It’s important to stay healthy and follow doctor’s orders. A patient can go into a procedure with ease of mind knowing what may lie ahead.

Body contouring procedures can truly change your life and give the confidence-boost you deserve.