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5 FAQs About Breast Augmentation That You Were Afraid to Ask

Breast augmentations in North America number in the hundreds of thousands every year, but many questions swirl around the procedure. Though the consensus is that breast implants are safe for most people, that was not always the prevailing wisdom, and misconceptions are still abound. Here we answer five questions that you may have had about breast implants, but were too afraid to ask.

Is saline or silicone safer when it comes to breast implants?

While some patients still prefer having saline in their body in case of a leak, both silicone and saline implants are approved for use by Health Canada. No other type of implant has been proven to be as safe as traditional silicone gel and saline implants. Improvements are constantly being introduced to the shell and contents of implants to make them resistant to rupture and prolong their lifetime. It’s also important to note that if removal is necessary, it is generally less expensive to remove saline implants than silicone implants.

What are the possible risks of breast augmentation surgery?

Local complications can occur as a direct result of the surgery itself, and may include:

  • Problems with anaesthesia, infection and other surgical risks.
  • Breast or nipple numbness.
  • Capsular contracture (hardening due to internal scar tissue buildup).

There is also the potential for cosmetic problems, such as dissatisfaction with how the augmented breasts look, and complications that can occur if an implant breaks well after the surgery.

Local complications can often be minimized by the skill of the surgeon and by strictly following his or her advice before and after surgery. When a silicone implant ruptures, silicone can migrate outside of the breast, but most patients are asymptomatic and simply need surgery to replace the broken implant.

Can I see some before-and-after pictures?

Absolutely. Most surgeons will be proud to showcase their work, and most patients will be proud to show off their incredible results. Here at the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery, we maintain a gallery of breast surgery photos that you can look at to help you determine what results you are aiming for with your breast augmentation.

Where will my surgery be performed, and who will administer the anaesthesia?

If you choose to have your breast augmentation performed by us, it will occur right here at the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery’s fully accredited facilities, where we offer you the most up-to-date technology and expertise. Our premises exceed Ontario standards for sterility and surgery, and a board-certified anaesthesiologist will administer your general anaesthesia and be available until you wake up.

How can I pay for my breast augmentation surgery?

Financing is often available to qualified patients, so you can enjoy your beautiful new body now and make affordable payments over time.

Do you have more questions about breast augmentation?

At Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery, we know that you may have many questions about the procedure. That’s why Dr. Dickie will sit with you during your consultation and answer all your questions. Contact us for more information on breast augmentation and find out how we can help you achieve your desired look!