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5 Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are nature’s cruel way of reminding you that your body used to be different. One of the biggest examples of stretch marks tends to be the result of the changes that a woman experiences when she becomes pregnant. After giving birth, the body returns to a new normal, which more often than not results in stretch marks.

Plastic surgery for stretch marks isn’t one of the most well known processes on the list of plastic surgery procedures. These are a few misconceptions that might prevent you from seeing a specialist who will help reverse the effects of nature’s cruelty.

Plastic Surgery for Stretch Marks Hurts

Over the years, a variety of technologies have evolved to reduce the brutality of medical surgery, including plastic surgery procedures. One of the biggest advancements is the development and refinement of laser scalpels. These devices reduce the impact on the skin while targeting the scar tissue that you want to get rid of. Apart from a mild discomfort, laser removal of stretch marks shouldn’t cause any serious pain.

Cream Works Better

There’s an entire universe of creams, salves and topical cures that claim to be able to reduce scars and get rid of unsightly tissue. None of these solutions are nearly as effective and fast acting as a procedure that gets rid of stretch marks. While you’re essentially taking a chance that the creme you purchased actually works, laser surgery works every time.

Stretch Mark Removal Procedures are Uncommon

Many people have a negative attitude towards plastic surgery procedures. Meanwhile, the fact of the matter is that up to 75 percent of all women who give birth will end up dealing with stretch marks. These marks appear on their belly, hips, legs and other parts of the skin that stretch as the body adapts to give birth. Mommy makeovers that remove scars have become much more common as the technology has become safer and costs for the procedure decline.

Scars Won’t Be Replaced With Slightly Less Noticeable Scars

Experts designed the technology behind laser scar removal to have the maximum effect of removing unsightly scar tissue. These scars develop during weight gain, weight loss and pregnancy. The worst case scenario for scar therapy tends to be a small mark that looks nothing like a scar – and that’s for the most severe cases.

The Results of Plastic Surgery for Stretch Marks are Forever

Unfortunately, surgical procedures for scar removal don’t stop the passage of time. While the surgery will absolutely result in the disappearance of scar tissue, your body will continue to change over time. Another pregnancy or serious weight gain and loss will likely end up creating another set of scars.

Still Trying to Separate Fact from Fiction?

Given the fact that the popularity of plastic surgery for stretch marks has increased over the last couple of years, there is bound to be numerous misconceptions about the procedures. If you’re considering plastic surgery for stretch marks, you should not rely on the internet for answers. Instead, you should talk to a qualified plastic surgeon. At Royal Plastic Surgery, we are committed to helping you achieve your desired look by providing an informative consultation with Dr. Dickie.