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8 Experts Reveal Tips to Choosing a Wedding Dress After Breast Augmentation

Hi ladies, we hope you enjoyed our previous articles on how to choose a wedding dress after breast augmentation. We know you still want more tips so we asked 8 expert bridal gown designers, boutique owners and bridal stylists to help you out. Happy shopping!

Renée Strauss

Renée is an internationally renowned bridal stylist, a luxury brand ambassador and a Huffington Post Weddings Contributor. Many of you might also have known her as the star of TLC show Brides of Beverly Hills. In Renée Strauss’ 32 year career as a premier luxury bridal retailer in one of the most enviable locations in the world: Beverly Hills, she was the witness to virtually every plastic surgery procedure.

In the event a bride shops for her special wedding gown post augmentation, she will need to try on various styles that most compliment her new physique. Typically brides with augmented breasts do not need or want to wear a bra. It can affect the look and fit of the gown. A professional bridal stylist will need to offer her expertise. A bride with beautifully augmented breasts also often likes to show their cleavage or fullness. In addition, the bride should be aware that wedding gown sizes often are not the same as ready to wear, off the rack garments. Therefore if she is sized at a number even two sizes up from what she purchases off the rack, there is nothing to fear. Not only is the number system different, but the bust size must be accommodated. The rest of the garment can be altered down for the perfect fit. A professional will help with the specific ceremony guidelines as to the perfect shape, fit church requirements, etc.

Because the typical order time for a wedding gown can take up to nine months, often the brides had their breast augmentation after their special purchase, but several months before their wedding gown was due to arrive to the bride salon. It wasn’t unusual for the procedure to be a gift from the groom, the bride’s friends, even the bride’s grandmother! The challenge of course was the sizing. Considering there is residual swelling that occurs and the fact that not all procedures deliver the same results, I suggest several measures & re-measures of the bust circumference as the time progresses. The communication between the bridal salon and the gown designer is critical as the bridal salon needs to finalize the bust measurement at the point the designer is ready to cut the bodice of the garment. Often I had the gowns delivered to my bridal salon without the zipper actually sewn into the gown. Rather we placed it at the time of the alteration appointment to guarantee the perfect fit.

These brides were among the happiest that walked up the aisle. And the grooms were just as happy!

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Amy Berend

Bridal BoutiqueAmy holds all kind of titles at Bridal Boutique, from owner, manager, buyer, sales associate to fire fighter. This multi-talented expert works with her mother, sister, father and 22 amazing staff on running the family successful bridal gown store. Bridal Boutique has been in business for almost 25 years. Caroline, Amy’s mother, started the business in 1990 in Lewisville. The bridal store recently got expanded to just under 8000 square feet. They carry the largest selection of gowns in Dallas with over 800 dresses in stock at all times. In June 2014, they opened their second store called “Beside the Bride” which is in its own 5000 square foot building just around the corner from the first bridal store. It houses mother-of-the bride gowns, cocktail, and bridesmaids dresses.

As for choosing a wedding gown after breast implants, that is pretty much up to the bride and how much coverage or how sexy she is trying to be. For example, there are brides that want to show off their boobs that they just got done so they would choose a halter gown, v- neck gown, or very sheer front gown in this case.

Some brides get their boobs done to just fill clothing or dresses out better and not to be scandalous so in this case I would recommend a high cut neckline that covers the chest, or a straight across cut versus a sweetheart cut neckline.

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Olia Zavozina

Olia is a widely known bridal designer based in Tennessee. Her gowns are sold at boutique stores throughout the United States as well as select Nordstrom Wedding Suites. Many major media outlets, namely US Weekly, People Magazine, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Weddings,, Southern Bride Magazine and Premier Bride, have also featured Olia’s dresses. 

I know that choosing a wedding dress is such an exciting time for brides, but it can get stressful when there are so many options out there. My advice for brides who have implants is to make sure it is done at least two to three months prior to ordering the gown. Dramatic low-backs are very popular right now and can be stunning on a bride, if you choose this option we recommend to have straps or sleeves for some support. One major factor is finding a place that can order the dress to your exact measurements, it helps to show off your beautiful figure. Last but not least is to enjoy the process of choosing your wedding dress!

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Katherine Robinson

Katherine Robinson - Whirling TurbanStarting the career at 20 years old, Katherine has worked with many couture fashion legends like Geoffrey Beene and Bill Blass. She also ran a boutique for North Beach Leather and later her own workshop that made garments and costumes for the Hollywood’s entertainment industry. Many stars from Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Foo Fighters and U2 have worn her creations. Katherine is now the owner, lead designer at Whirling Turban, which she opened in the fashionable Boise, Idaho. She is the main creator of the Luxury Vintage Style Dress line. 

Start shopping early! Expect some dresses to have a shape cut into them that doesn’t conform to your breast shape and be watching for that. Go in to try wedding dresses wearing the lingerie you have chosen to wear under your dress. Don’t wait for difficulties later when you have the dress and the underwear doesn’t work with it. This happens for all brides, not just those with implants. You may be able to go without a bra under your dress because your breasts are firmer and more supported than unenhanced breasts. Wedding dresses tend to have enough fabric thickness to eliminate worry about nipple show-thru or you can use “breast petals” that stick-on and cover your nipple. If you really don’t need a bra for support, this will be an advantage. Without a bra, your breast will have its maximum ability to “mold” to the contour that has been cut into the dress.

You can also check out more tips about custom made dresses and alterations from Katherine in our article A Guide to Choose Wedding Dress After Breast Implants from Whirling Turban

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Olga Pomeransky

Olga Pomeransky Olga is the Toronto District Manager at Best for Bride since 2005. It operates 4 bridal stores in Canada and offers wide ranges of wedding gowns, bridemaids’ and Mother of the bride dresses.

If you have just had a recent breast augmentation and are going to get married soon, it’s important to know how to shop for a wedding dress that fits well and flatters your new body. You shouldn’t purchase new clothes for at least 4-6 weeks after your surgery. It takes time for your breasts to reduce in swelling and to drop to their actual size. Keep this in mind if you are shopping for a wedding gown, or will be in the future. To find the best wedding dress you need to accommodate your new breast size. Look for dresses that hug your body in the right places, allowing an hourglass figure. Stay away from loose gowns that just hang on the body.

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Vince Maccarone

Private Label by GVince is the President of the International Fashion Group Kenneth Winston and Ella Rosa Collections, a successful family business. As a family who share a lot of love and devotion with each other, they carry the values over to the work they do in every gown they made. 

The simple answer on the subject of choosing a wedding gown after breast implants is, “ That Bride can wear any dress”. Today’s necklines and bodice silhouettes, are very alluring and truly enhance a woman’s features. In addition with the correct undergarment (bra) you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Whether a Bride is an “A” cup or much, much larger, our collection accommodates all sizes. In fact we have also designed special add on straps to many of our open Bustier styles for those brides who feel more comfortable with wide straps. The Kenneth/Winston collection is dedicated to enhancing every Bride on her special day.

Maureen Mika

Maureen MikaMaureen has always enjoyed dressing up in her Mom’s clothes and high heels since she was a little girl. Growing older, she realized her true love and talent in fashion, especially in bridal styles. Maureen started Style Down the Aisle to help brides feel most confident, beautiful and comfortable in their wedding day. With her talent, skill and passion, she makes sure every bride is happy with her wedding fashion, photography styling and event coordination.

Brides with breast augmentation and/or larger chests do encounter the problem that many wedding dresses they like are either too small in the bust or do not look proportionally right. It happens when they are smaller proportioned in the waist and hips. Virtually every dress you buy in a store is never exact for anyone’s body. In almost every instance, alterations need to be made. So in this case, they would need to buy a dress that has the cup size they need, even if it’s a 14 and they’re a 4 and have it taken it without altering the style of the dress. The alteration will significantly alter the style of the dress, so look for something with a simple shape, pattern and embellishments. You could also find a very simple dress and order the appliqué to be sent separated from the dress. Once your alterations are complete, then have the seamstress put the appliqué on in the correct place. This option would not work well with a dress that is heavily beaded. Beading on a dress is a high cost per hour for a seamstress.

In today’s bridal market, brides are spending on average $2,500-$3,000 for a dress. With this same amount of money, they can go to a seamstress and get a custom made dress to perfectly fit their proportions.

Read more tips from Maureen on how to choose the perfect wedding dress that fits your body shape.

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Jessica Anderson

Jessica AndersonJessica if the Founder & CEO at Miami Fashion Network, LLC. They help up-scale designers, suppliers, boutiques and brands worldwide in creating their fashion business. Jessica is also a bridal stylist, a leading trend reporter who holds strong passion for ultimate luxury, travel, culture and diverse music. She commits to bring her clients the most original experience combining with the richest aspects from various cultures.

Best to focus on the fit of the dress, the beauty of implants is you don’t need a super constructed bodice, no built in lift, which is more comfortable. Alteration is also an option. Find a designer to custom make your dress to your exact measurements or find a high-end tailor to take in just the right amount so that you are not falling out of your dress.

You should make sure to keep your neckline flattering to your overall figure, a scooped or sweetheart neckline,open up the face allowing a glimpse of décolletage without showing too much. If you love the look of strapless gowns, choose one that has a slight dip along the neckline, like a sweetheart, rather than a style that goes straight across, which can make your chest appear even larger and more shelf like. Best to avoid the side-breast look. If you are a daring bride, that likes the deep plunge look, Michael Costello offers sexy modern options.

And remember, it’s best to avoid fabrics on the bodice that have a shimmer or are bulky (like as organza, satin, or silk) will add volume and call attention to your chest.

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