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Are You The Right Candidate For Male Chest Implants?

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your chest? Is exercise not giving you the results you want? You might want to consider male chest implants, also known as pectoral implants. During this surgery, the doctor inserts an implant through the patient’s armpit and into the chest. Read on to learn if male chest implants are right for you.

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Who’s The Right Candidate for Male Chest Implants?

Candidates for male chest implants are men with under-developed chests. Also, men with asymmetrical chest muscle development are ideal patients.

Some men exercise to no end, and they still don’t have the muscular chests of their dreams. They don’t have the muscle type that enables them to enlarge their chests through exercise. These men are also good candidates for male chest implant surgery.

Health and Lifestyle

Your health and lifestyle are also factors in determining whether you should get pectoral implants.

Do you have any health conditions that would negatively impact your recovery? Or, are you in fairly good health? Are you a smoker? Are you overweight, or even obese? Do you take any daily medications, herbal or vitamin supplements? The surgeon will ask you all of these questions, because they also affect whether you are a good fit for pectoral implant surgery.

Realistic Expectations

Another important part of being a good candidate for pectoral implant surgery has to do with your mental state, rather than your physical shape.

It’s crucial to be pragmatic about what this surgery can and cannot achieve. Bear in mind that there is a recovery period – while you may resume normal activities within a week of the surgery, you’ll have to wait at least six weeks before you resume any heavy lifting or participation in sports.

Moreover, the goal of the surgery is to give you a natural, masculine-looking, larger chest. If you think it will do anything else aside from that, you need to re-examine your expectations.

Are You Interested in Male Chest Implants?

Have you tried various different techniques including working out relentlessly to improve your pectoral muscles and failed? If so, then this surgery may be right for you. The procedure is performed under anaesthesia and is a day surgery procedure. The best part is that the results are immediate and permanent.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, contact The Royal Centre of Plastic surgery to schedule an in depth consultation with Dr. Dickie. During the consultation, the doctor will answer any questions you might have about male chest implants and decide your eligibility for the procedure.