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Where Can Breast Lift Scars Be Seen?

If you’re thinking about undergoing a breast lift procedure, you should consider all aspects of it. Breast lift scars are something to think about.

Learning about breast lift scars will help you make an informed choice. Having some basic understanding of what to expect after surgery will help as well.

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Breast Lift Scarring

Many women worry about scarring. Generally, the incisions are made on the underside of the breasts. A good surgeon will do their best to make sure the scars are in an inconspicuous area, allowing you to comfortably wear even low-cut tops without them being noticeable.

The scars will fade with time, especially if you follow the recovery directions given by your doctor.

Are the Scars Permanent?

The scars will be permanent. But, keep in mind that they are not going to be obviously seen by anyone because of the location. Also, scarring does fade with time. While they will probably be visible for up to a year after surgery, they will begin to fade after that point.

Your scars will become far less pronounced after a year, but they will not become totally invisible or faded.

Minimize Scarring

You can minimize the scarring by following your doctor’s suggestions and directions for aftercare.

A huge step is getting the right bra. Not wearing a bra (or wearing a bad one) leads to more pronounced and wider scarring. Your doctor might give you a surgical bra. Otherwise he or she will recommend a specific type to buy.

Pulled stitches lead to unnecessary scarring. Take it easy and avoid activity while you are recovering. Any bending, lifting, or twisting of the upper body can cause pulled stitches.

What to Expect Right After Surgery

The first or second day after surgery, you will have a follow up appointment with your doctor. Any drainage tubes will be removed, and your doctor will take a look at how you are healing so far. This is also your chance to bring up any questions or concerns you might have.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable for the first few days after surgery. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication to help you manage the pain. You need to wear a surgical or supportive bra with surgical dressing during your recovery.

The Following Weeks

The size, shape, and coloring of your breasts will improve with time. Don’t panic if they don’t look right shortly after the procedure. Things like swelling, bruising, and some blood spotting are normal. They will go away in time.

Your doctor will have an appointment scheduled to check on your healing progress. They will look for any asymmetry of your breasts. If there is a small difference, a simple procedure repositions the nipple. Otherwise, a follow up appointment may need to be scheduled to correct the problem. But, this will not happen until much later, when you are fully healed.

Work and Other Activities

Most women feel up to going back to work after a week or so. This depends on the nature of your work. If you do any lifting or bending, you will need to take more time.

You will be able to enjoy social outings and light activities after a week or two. Avoid exercise and lifting for three to four weeks.