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Chin Implants Will Help Balance Your Facial Profile

What is Chin Augmentation?

A prominent feature of the face and a critical component of helping balance facial profile, having a chin that you feel fits in relation to your face is an important part of self-confidence and maintaining self-esteem.  For individuals who do not feel that this is the case, a chin augmentation procedure may be the answer.

Chin augmentation, also known as a chin implant, or chin enhancement, is a popular cosmetic surgery for women, men, and children and can be used to add proportion to the chin and face such that it is more in line with the rest of the facial profile. During the procedure, the surgeon will augment the chin through an incision made in the mouth or below the chin. The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, with minimal scarring or visible after effects.  Recovery initially only takes a few weeks, with localized swelling and some restricted facial movements, but the full effects of the surgery cannot be appreciated until 3-4 months after the procedure.

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How Can Chin Implants Improve my Facial Profile?

Chin augmentation surgery can be used for a variety of different facial imbalances, adding to the overall appearance of the face and body. One of these is when individuals present with a small or weak chin. A chin that is too small in relation to the face makes the neck look large and the nose appear more protrusive. Having a chin implant can help alleviate this imbalance.

A chin implant or augmentation can also be used for individuals who are not pleased with the shape of their chin.  For example, a particularly square or pointed chin can be made more rounded and contoured using augmentation procedures. Likewise, if a patient has a large dimple in their chin, augmentation surgery can be used to fill this dimple out and make it less noticeable or completely disappear.

Finally, the surgery can be used not to target the chin itself, but to bring another part of the face into better harmony. For example, if an individual has a particularly pointy or prominent nose, this can be made less visible by altering the chin.  

What you Need to Know About Opting for Surgery

If you are comfortable with what the surgery entails and feel that you could have increased confidence and improved facial profiling from having a chin implant, there are a few additional points to keep in mind.

Individuals who are electing to have chin augmentation do so with the understanding that it is an elective surgical procedure typically not covered by insurance.  Customarily, it costs between $6,000 and $8,000, and takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete. All of this however, depends on your surgeon, your particular procedure, how well you perform under surgery and whether any unforeseen complications arise.   After the fact there is a small risk of infection or that you will be unhappy with the outcome, but the majority of people recover with simply a prescription for painkillers and some time and rest.

Once you have chosen to go ahead with the procedure you will have in-depth consultations with your surgeon as well as 3D scanning to ensure you both understand what the end result will look like. Following up on the surgery, you will have after care appointments with your surgeon to ensure healing is progressing as expected and that the implant is presenting with the desired outcome. Once you and the surgeon are both satisfied, you will have a new chin that will last for several years, improving your facial profile, self-confidence, and overall appearance.

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