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Common Types of Cosmetic Neck Surgery Procedures

If an individual is dissatisfied with the appearance of their neck, such as excess fat or skin below the chin, they can remove these issues by opting for cosmetic neck surgery. The plastic surgeon will consult with the patient to make sure that the procedure meets their specific needs. Learn about the two most common types of cosmetic neck surgery procedures and how they can improve a person’s appearance.

Why Sign Up for Cosmetic Neck Surgery Procedures

When excess skin and fat form around a person’s neckline, it hides the natural contour of their face. This may result in the dreaded “turkey neck”, which is characterized by loose pockets of flesh and fat below the chin.

Causes of an Unsightly Neck

The neck may develop large amounts of excess skin and fat as you get older. Skin tends to loosen and droop over the years. A poor diet can also lead to excess neck and chin fat, further distorting the skin around the face.

Effects of an Unsightly Neck

Having excess fat and skin around the neck can affect overall self-esteem. People may become self-conscious of their appearance, especially during special events and public gatherings. It may become difficult for them to relax and have fun when they’re concerned with their physical appearance.

Steps to Getting Cosmetic Neck Surgery

For those that want to fix any issues with their neck, they should consult a plastic surgeon for more information on the types of cosmetic neck surgery procedures available. The two most common types of procedures are neck lift surgery and neck liposuction. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a neck lift is $4,528. However, the cost of these procedures varies widely based on the type of procedures being performed, the patient’s geographic location, and other varying factors including medical costs.

A neck lift or liposuction is not generally covered under a patient’s health insurance, as it is not a necessary medical procedure. But, most plastic surgeons will offer their patients several financing options including regular monthly payments.

If a patient decides to go through with the procedure, they will have to spend some money out of pocket to cover the cost. But, they will have a smooth, clearly-defined neck that compliments their natural appearance. If the person decides not to go through with the procedure, any issues that they have with their physical appearance will persist or get worse with age.

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Deciding on the Right Cosmetic Neck Surgery Procedure

If you’re interested in learning more about cosmetic neck surgery procedures, you should consult a plastic surgeon in the area. Depending on the desired results, the doctor will suggest either a neck lift, neck liposuction or a combination of the two. The liposuction removes excess fat around the neck and chin area, while the neck lift is used to remove excess skin, tightening the entire neck area. A neck lift involves two separate procedures, including a cervicoplasty, a procedure used to remove excess skin, and a platysmaplasty, a procedure used to rearrange or remove neck muscles.

At the beginning of either procedure, the doctor will make a small incision in the side of the patient’s face, usually around the ear or the sideburn area. This allows the doctor to reposition or remove excess skin or fat. The patient will be able to resume their normal lifestyle after two to four weeks, with a few bruises and minor swelling.

Anyone can achieve the look of their dreams with the right set of neck cosmetic surgery procedures. Contact the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery today for an initial consultation.