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Herb Speeds Recovery in Barrie

Dr. Dickie of the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery now recommends the use of Homeopathic Arnica Montana to his patients. Arnica Montana is an herb that grows wild in the Swiss Alps. Also known simply as “Arnica,” it’s been used in Europe for hundreds of years for the reduction of bruising and swelling and to shorten the recovery period after physical trauma. Swelling, bruising, and soreness that can last for days or weeks are commonly encountered by patients during the post-surgery recovery process. The use of Arnica Montana, starting the day of the surgery, can reduce the degree of both bruising and swelling, speeding recovery. Dr. Dickie also recommends the use of Arnica Montana after injectables such as Botox and injectable fillers. For further details on Arnica Montana, please call our office at 705-726-2800.


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