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How Breast Implant May Vary From Country to Country

Breast implants are one of the oldest forms of non-facial plastic surgery that redesigns the contours of the body through reconstruction.

Early attempts at plastic surgery typically focused on helping women who suffered tumours or other disease and injury that caused deformation of the breast. Unfortunately, early materials used weren’t as safe as current materials. The use of paraffin and tissue from other areas of the body often resulted in medical issues that caused harm rather than helping the situation.

Since then, breast implants have evolved greatly, becoming a common procedure around the world. The difference from country to country in terms of breast implant shape, sizes and procedure vary less than you would expect.

Breast Survey

The Annals of Plastic Surgery published a study that focused on international opinions about the best aesthetic appearance in terms of reconstructed breasts. Hundreds of experts around the world were contacted electronically to take part in the research.

The study took the form of a visual survey that more than 600 plastic surgeons responded to, reporting their opinions on the look that plastic surgeons create for breast implants.

Dr. Neil Tanna, one of the researchers in the study, looked at demographics such as gender, age, the type of practise they run and their ethnicity. He found that older surgeons tended to choose breasts with larger areola and reduced upper breast fullness.

Surgeons from the United States, France and India preferred larger areolas while French respondents selected mammaries with the least amount of upper breast fullness.

As a result, Dr. Tanna states that “the geographic location of the surgeon has there more influence on different beauty ideals than his or her ethnicity.” The considerable variation of what is considered the optimal look for breasts vary widely.

Nonetheless, he stressed that different geographic locations and cultural preferences can lead to unhappiness with procedures that take place away from one’s own home culture and country.

Breast Materials

The evolution of the implants themselves have increased safety while helping to provide a better shape and look for patients.

Modern silicone gel implants have gone through multiple generations of redesigns, which has led to reduced medical issues and leakage of the implant.

Saline gel implants tend to be the second most popular choice, consisting of a shell that has been room-temperature vulcanized for greater strength and reduced leakage. The shell is filled with a saline solution that creates the desired fullness.

For the most part, there is no single accepted aesthetic that is considered optimal for breast implants. The materials used are also standardized throughout the world. Visiting a local clinic such as the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery gives you access to experts who consult with you to achieve the results you desire.

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