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How Much Time Are You Wasting Shaving Your Legs?

Shaving anything is something that people rarely enjoy doing.

Carefully sliding a sharp piece of metal over your skin after slathering it with a mess of creams and lotions takes a lot of time that you would rather be spending elsewhere.

In particular, if you happen to have the type of leg hair that grows quickly and thickly, you may spend a ridiculous amount of time each week pruning your limbs.

Instead of spending your life hacking away at your lovely legs, consider the fact that there are alternatives for those who want to maintain a silky smoothness without a lot of time and effort invested.

Alternatives to the Razor

Using a razor takes too long and can cause ingrown hairs and other wounds while an electric shaver never really gets the job done, in terms of how smooth your leg feels. Depilatory creams provide a do-it-yourself option to shaving that takes 10-15 minutes to melt your fur on your legs. You slather the chemicals on and wait until the prescribed time passes before sloughing off the glue-like material.

Another option for DIY leg hair treatment involve good old-fashioned waxes that rip hairs from their follicle homes, as well as strip mining a layer of skin cells off your epidermis. Not all waxes are created equal, of course, and results vary according to your skill and how willing you are to grip it and rip it.

There are a bunch of portable devices that you can use to try to fry your hair follicles at home, but as you may imagine, there’s a reason that most of them are sold on infomercials.

Seeking Professional Help

After you try various alternatives to the razor, you may realize that despite your best attempts to save time, you still need to put a lot of effort into removing hair from your legs. Doing waxes or other treatments at salons may be quicker, but you spend time traveling to appointments and money on procedures that result in more leg hair.

Thankfully, medical technology has evolved to the point where you have the option of seeking permanent hair removal. Precise, doctor-guided procedures that target the source of the hair – the follicle – are capable of removing hair from your legs, and other parts of your body, on a permanent basis.

The length and duration of the permanent hair removal system depends on your hair and skin type, requiring a consultation beforehand. Considering the ridiculous amount of time you spend getting rid of hair on your legs, getting it safely removed on a permanent basis could be a wise investment.

Looking For a Real Solution?

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