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How Long Does it Take For Arm Lift Surgery Scars to Fade Away?

Ever since Michelle Obama appeared toned and buff in a sleeveless dress at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration ball, the Western World has been obsessing over their upper arms. The dreaded “bingo wings” hit men and women alike, though seem to predominantly affect women. The upper arm sags underneath, the skin often looks crepe-y, and there appears to be no muscle tone whatsoever.

Even working out and lifting weights can only do so much. The triceps – the muscles beneath your arms – are notoriously hard to tone, and even people in the best shape can have drooping.

Causes of Saggy Arms

The main reasons for sagging upper arms are

  • Age – skin naturally loses elasticity, and muscles begin to break down
  • Significant weight loss – being overweight causes skin to stretch, and if a significant loss is achieved, the skin may not bounce back
  • General lack of muscle tone – being out of shape means loose skin and flab under the arms
  • Hereditary loose skin – some people really are just born that way

Arm Lift Surgery Scar

Arm lift surgery tightens excess skin in the upper arm, giving more definition and banishing those unsightly bingo wings. As with any surgery, there is initial scarring. Though the incisions are small, there will be swelling and redness in the days immediately following the surgery.

A good surgeon will minimize long term scarring. He or she will make only the most necessary incisions, and sticking discreetly. Some people will see larger scars, unfortunately, due to genetics. Keloid or hypertrophic scaring (rough, raised weals) are common, especially in certain skin types. Discuss this with your surgeon in advance, and he will be able to minimize or even eliminate the possibility of those types of scars.

How Long Will My Arm Lift Surgery Scar Last?

It will take some time for you to be tank-top ready. For the first weeks, you’ll be wearing a compression garment, and won’t be able to see what is going on underneath except when you’re changing. After that there will be redness, though much of the swelling will be gone. The pale scars and welts will take up to a year to completely disappear, though most people report significant improvement or total disappearance in 6-9 months.

Reducing Scars After Surgery

As with any scars or stretch marks, an arm lift surgery scar can be reduced and treated in a number of ways

  • Protection from the sun – make sure to cover up and/or wear minimum SPF 15 when going outside. Remember that damage can occur on cloudy days as well.
  • Use a Vitamin E-based oil or gel and massage it in to stimulate the blood flow to the area, plus take a supplement to help improve skin condition and elasticity.
  • Silicone-based gel or scar covering sheets. Silicone softens the skin and helps fade the scar.
  • Bio Oil is also effective for reducing scars. Like Vitamin E, apply and massage into the area.
  • Be consistent. If your doctor says to apply twice a day and massage for three minutes, don’t just apply once a day and massage for two.

Ridding yourself of scars is a test of patience, but worth it, to have arms you can be proud of in that strapless dress.