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Should I Lose Weight Before or After Facelift Surgery?

When a man or a woman gets a facelift, there are several issues that they should consider. One may be whether or not they should lose weight before or after the surgery.

Why Are People Worried About Facelifts and Weight Loss?

A facelift is essentially a cosmetic procedure which tightens the skin on the face. People get this surgery when they are getting older or if they have lost a lot of weight and have loose skin.

As with every part of the body, losing volume in the face will result in sagging. For this reason, it is best to lose weight before the surgery if possible.

Unfortunately, this is not always achievable. Most people will take several months to a few years to get to their ideal weight. Very few people are motivated enough to give themselves the time needed.

If the weight loss occurs after the facelift, the face may lose its volume and elasticity. Most doctors advise their patients to try and get within 10 pounds of their ideal weight before their surgery. Doing so will produce the best results.

Some medical professionals are cautious when they discuss weight loss with facelift patients. They know losing weight takes a tremendous amount of dedication. they often ask patients what their “stable” weight is. As this is the weight they are likely to maintain after the surgery, doctors recommend patients stay at this weight.

Do People Lose Weight After a Facelift Surgery?

Doctors have found that a large amount of patients have lost weight after their surgery. They chalk this up to increased motivation due to their improved self-confidence.

If dieters lose weight at a healthy and safe rate, it will not result in loose skin. Ideally, people should not lose more than 1 to 2 pounds per week. Anything more than this is unhealthy and may cause the face and body to sag.

How to Lose Weight Before and After Facelift Surgery

The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy calorie controlled diet and exercise regularly. Dieters do not need to do anything extreme. They can still enjoy the foods they love – in moderation.

The ideal diet will consist of healthy fats, whole foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drinking water is also important as dehydrated people often hold on to water weight. By drinking 8 glasses of water a day, people can lose 5 to 10 pounds almost immediately.
In regards to exercise, dieters simply need to lead a more active lifestyle. Those who want to join a gym can do so however it is not necessary.

In short, while being in the ideal weight range for a person’s height is desirable, it is not essential. If patients cannot lose weight before their surgery, they should aim to lose weight at a very slow rate. Losing a small amount of weight every week will have minimal to no effects on a facelift.

Anyone who is considering getting a facelift should speak to their doctor about any questions or concerns. The surgeon should be able to give the patient some information on the procedure. This information should answer frequently asked questions about facelifts. Generally speaking, most patients do not lose a lot of weight before their surgery yet they are still happy with the results.