Why you May Consider Breast Implant Removal While it may seem unconventional or backwards to what many people are doing, breast implant removal is actually more popular than you may think.  In fact, as much as breast augmentation and enlargement is increasing, so too is breast implant removal. In some instances, it is purely a.. read more →

14 Jun 2018
June 14, 2018

The Complete Guide to Ear Pinning

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What is Ear Pinning? A type of ear correction surgery, also known as Otoplasty, ear pinning is a procedure that corrects deformities of the external ear.  This surgery can be performed on individuals who have had an accident and now have a deformed externality of their ear, but more commonly is selected to be performed.. read more →

What is Chin Augmentation? A prominent feature of the face and a critical component of helping balance facial profile, having a chin that you feel fits in relation to your face is an important part of self-confidence and maintaining self-esteem.  For individuals who do not feel that this is the case, a chin augmentation procedure.. read more →

What are Gummy Bear Implants? Relatively new to the market, Gummy Bear Implants are a type of breast implant that was developed by Dr. Grant Stevens, a prominent plastic surgeon in California.  He says these implants maintain their shape when cut in half, similar to gummy bears, and are the adult version of being like.. read more →

Understanding Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation If you are considering having a breast enlargement procedure completed, you may be wondering what the options are and which one is best for you. One of those which you may have heard of is fat transfer breast augmentation. For this procedure, a plastic surgeon uses your own fat to.. read more →

Deciding Between A Mini vs. Full Tummy Tuck A significant deciding factor behind your decision between a mini tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck comes down to the reason you are having the procedure completed.  Because of the differences in the procedure and results of the surgery, each one has different reasons for why.. read more →

Am I a Good Candidate For a Tummy Tuck? Tummy tucks were once considered a procedure that only Hollywood A-list mothers could afford. This is not the case any more. The amount of tummy tucks taking place in the United States increased by more than 400% between 1997 and 2016, and a significant portion of.. read more →

What Is a Non-Surgical Nose Job? The most common type of non-surgical nose job involves injecting filler into the nose. This filler is injected underneath the first layer of the skin and fills any gaps that appear. It is commonly used as a method of diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. There are two types of filler:.. read more →

1. Botox There are tons of products to make you look younger available to buy, but no list of best 2018 products for younger looking skin would be complete without Botox. Botox has been around since the late 1980s, but is proving more popular than ever, more than 30 years after it was invented. This.. read more →

26 Feb 2018
February 26, 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Dermal Fillers

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What Are Dermal Fillers? Dermal fillers are implants that are injected into the tissue under the skin of the lower part of the face. These implants fill in the gaps underneath the skin in order to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. This can result in a more youthful appearance for the patient. They can also.. read more →

12 Feb 2018
February 12, 2018

Male Breast Reduction Guide

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What Type of Person Gets Male Breast Reduction Surgery? Male breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess breast tissue from a male patient’s chest. There are a number of reasons why an excess of breast tissue can form in this part of a male’s body. The most common reason that ‘man boobs’ form is.. read more →

1. Quick, Cheap and Easy There’s no denying that when we look great, we feel great. It’s little wonder that more people than ever are realizing the benefits of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal can work wonders on our appearance, despite being quicker, cheaper and easier than.. read more →

Breast augmentation is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were over 290,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in the U.S. in 2016. That number marks a four percent increase from 2015. Women decide to get breast implants if they are dissatisfied with the size.. read more →

18 Dec 2017
December 18, 2017

Common Types of Cosmetic Neck Surgery Procedures

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If an individual is dissatisfied with the appearance of their neck, such as excess fat or skin below the chin, they can remove these issues by opting for cosmetic neck surgery. The plastic surgeon will consult with the patient to make sure that the procedure meets their specific needs. Learn about the two most common.. read more →

What Is a Broken Nose? A broken nose, also known as a nasal fracture, refers to a crack in the bone in a person’s nose, which is called the ethmoid bone. This bone serves as the bridge or the roof over a person’s nose. The rest of the nose is mostly cartilage and the two.. read more →

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of breast augmentations has increased more than 37% over the last five years, totaling 290,467 procedures in 2016 alone. With this increase comes an increase in information and knowledge that potential patients must consider. After determining what size, shape, and type of fill they want.. read more →

02 Nov 2017
November 2, 2017

Why More Men are Opting for Cosmetic Surgery

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While not every man is a movie star, and men tend to be (perhaps) less self-conscious when it comes to their looks, exuding youth and masculinity in the workplace is often associated with success. While sophistication in appearance is still important to men, looking old can give others  the sense that they’re over-the-hill, tired, or.. read more →

When your body shape changes, you can be left with remnants of the previous shape that aren’t pleasing. If you’ve experienced weight loss, for example, or following pregnancy, you might have loose skin or a bit of a protruding tummy that doesn’t match your new shape. Some women also find that the size of their.. read more →

04 Oct 2017
October 4, 2017

Want to Enhance Your Lips? Consider Lip Fillers

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Scrolling through images of models or celebrities online, you’ve probably seen the current trend toward pillowy, full lips. It’s a youthful, fresh look and one that is attainable through lip injections. But perhaps you don’t want that kind of fullness. Instead, you may want to counteract some of the effects of aging such as fine.. read more →

Are you noticing small lines and wrinkles forming on your face? Are you feeling less confident as a result? As we age our skin loses hyaluronic acid and collagen which can cause those lines to appear as well as a bit of sagging or drooping in the skin. This loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen.. read more →

11 Sep 2017
September 11, 2017

What to Do About Ugly Hands or Feet

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  If you don’t feel comfortable taking your socks off in front of people, or if you feel embarrassed when someone asks to see your ring, know you are not alone. Ugly hands and feet can test the confidence of anyone. We have the technology to hide facial blemishes, contour our profiles and dress for.. read more →

07 Sep 2017
September 7, 2017

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

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Do you have areas on your body that you wish were more sculpted? Do you have a few deposits of fat that affect the overall contour of your body? Liposuction could be a solution. Perhaps you have been thinking about it but wonder if the costs are within reach. Here is some information on liposuction.. read more →

There is some misinformation about fat grafting online and cropping up in casual conversations. Micro-fat grafting harvests a patient’s fat from areas with excess—such as the tummy, flanks, or thighs—and inserts it in specific areas to restore the lost volume to your face. It can be used to: Enhance your cheekbones or chin Shape and.. read more →

07 Feb 2017
February 7, 2017

Why Everyone is Talking about Restylane Injections

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Did you know that there have been 20 million injections of Restylane® since it was approved by the FDA 20 years ago? It’s quickly become the go-to procedure for women looking to add volume to their lips. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently reported that over 27,000 lip procedures were done in the.. read more →

23 Jan 2017
January 23, 2017

How to Fight Aging After 60

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You can still feel the youth in your heart and soul, but since you’ve hit 60, it seems like time is only speeding up. Every day, your bones ache a little more and you discover more wrinkles and gray hairs. Nobody can stay young forever but it is possible to slow the process and minimize.. read more →