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How To Prepare For Breast Lift Surgery

As years go by, various factors such as force of gravity, age, pregnancy and nursing may cause your breasts to sag. The skin around the breast loses elasticity causing the breasts to lose shape and firmness. Mastopexy or breast lift is a procedure used to reshape and firm sagging breasts. This procedure can reduce the size of your areola- the dark skin around your nipple. After pregnancy, your breast could lose volume or reduce in size. Breast implants and breast lift surgery could help to increase your breasts firmness and size.

Preparing For a Breast Lift Surgery

Before the breast lift surgery, make sure you discuss your expectations with your doctor. Your expectations may not be realistic and he may help you see things in the right perspective. Here are ways to prepare for breast lift surgery.

  • Before carrying out the procedure, your doctor will carry out a medical evaluation to ensure that you are healthy. You need to maintain a healthy weight weeks before the surgery
  • Avoid smoking 6 weeks before your surgery because it may cause large scars and slow the healing process. Keep in mind that after the breast lift surgery, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to resume smoking
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or other over- the- counter medication
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks a week before your surgery. Most surgeons will not perform the procedure if you are still having alcoholic drinks

What To Do After The Breast Lift Surgery

  • Make sure you take enough time off your work to ensure that you’re completely healed by the time you resume your normal duties
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure; you’ll be dizzy and groggy, and it’s not safe for you to drive. This could last for 48 hours after the procedure, so you must avoid operating any machinery
  •  During the first few days of recovery, you’ll not be able to do any housework. Make sure you do your shopping, house cleaning and other tasks before the surgery. If you have someone looking after you, you can ask him or her to do these things for you. During recovery, you need foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Compile a list of your medication, label them and set a reminder. You’ll be dizzy after the procedure and you could forget to take your medication
  • Rearrange your house and make sure essential things are within reach
  • Make sure you have some loose, comfortable clothing. Baggy pants and loose tops could come in handy
  • Ensure you reschedule any upcoming events such as family meetings or parties

Breast lift surgery is a highly personalized procedure, so ensure you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else. Make sure you discuss your expectations and possible outcome of your surgery with your doctor to get rid of any doubts and fear.  Ensure that you make a checklist of personal items that you need at the hospital. This will help you not to forget and prepare properly for your breast lift surgery.

Considering a Breast Lift?

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