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Why We Love Tummy Tucks (And You Should, Too!)

We all know the main reason people get a tummy tuck: to look hot in a bathing suit. But as more and more people get tummy tucks to love their bodies better, new evidence is suggesting there may be more to it than looking sexy on the beach. A tummy tuck, much like an apple a day, may actually be good for your health.

Although most other forms of body contouring typically aren’t covered by insurance (with the exception of the panniculectomy, which is sometimes covered for patients who were once morbidly obese and must have pounds of excess skin removed for medical reasons), there is a movement among plastic surgeons and patients alike to change all that. It is now being illustrated that having abdominoplasty after significant weight loss can help patients keep the weight off – leading to a reduction in a host of health problems, from diabetes to heart disease.

Health Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery 

Some of the health benefits of tummy tuck surgery include the following;

  • It can motivate patients to keep their weight in check. For example, after bariatric surgery a patient might lose up to 100 pounds, but be faced with a new problem: loose, excess skin and pouchy stomach fat. This doesn’t exactly inspire someone to continue with a healthy lifestyle; they still don’t fit into clothes properly or feel comfortable and attractive. Having a tummy tuck can improve self-esteem such that a person feels it’s worthwhile to keep the weight off permanently. Keeping to a healthy weight, especially around the midsection, has been proven to reduce one’s risk of developing chronic health problems like cancer and heart disease.
  • It can lessen the risk of infection and promote healing after other surgeries, such as hysterectomy, kidney transplants and hernia surgery, because infections can occur in folds of excess skin if they aren’t excised.
  • It can help sustain weight loss, because abdominal fat has been linked to increased levels of appetite-influencing hormones that are secreted by adipose tissue. A typical patient with less abdominal weight seems to get less hungry and feel fuller at mealtimes than one who is carrying a significant paunch.

While the prevailing wisdom once was to avoid performing a tummy tuck in conjunction with other surgeries, surgeons now believe there is no evidence of higher complications if the surgery is done conscientiously. In fact, combining surgeries can actually reduce the risk of infection and complications because the patient is only being anesthetized and operated on once rather than twice.

If all these reasons aren’t enough to convince the skeptics that a tummy tuck can be about more than vanity, consider that physicians agree: having less weight around the mid-section can relieve back pain – and tightening the abdominal muscles can make them work harder, improving posture and allowing for more effective workouts.

Curious About What a Tummy Tuck Can Do for You?

Still curious about a tummy tuck procedure? If yes, you should consult a plastic surgeon to determine if you’re a good candidate.  If you are a resident of Barrie, you’re in luck:  with over 20 years experience in the field, Dr. Kenneth Dickie has helped women with abdominoplasty and other cosmetic enhancements.  Contact us today at the Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery to schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Dickie, and become happy with your midriff this year!