Plastic surgery procedures tend to be perceived as expensive because they’re often linked to celebrities who feel they have to invest in staying young for the camera. However, over the past couple of decades, the proliferation of technology has driven down the costs of procedures while increasing their effectiveness. No longer do patients have to.. read more →

Michael Jackson claimed his many nose jobs were an attempt at improving his singing voice. Many before and since have made similar claims, with many doctors reaping the benefits. Your nose is a key part of breathing, and anything that affects your nose could very well affect your voice. The first thing to note is.. read more →

06 Apr 2015
April 6, 2015

14 Common Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

April 6, 2015 Rhinoplasty 0 Comment

Most people have very negative ideas about rhinoplasty, also known as “getting a nose job.” There are also a number of myths circulating about this type of surgery. We’ve identified the top 14 misconceptions about getting a nose job, and we clear them up for you to provide a better understanding of rhinoplasty. Negative Perceptions About Rhinoplasty.. read more →

So, you’ve decided to have a rhinoplasty. Regardless of your reasons for having the surgery, you are likely excited and a bit nervous about your consultation. We’ve collected ten questions that you’ll want to ask your surgeon about your rhinoplasty in Barrie when you go in for a consultation. Asking these questions can help you prepare for your.. read more →