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5 Myths About Facial Implants

Have you been curious about facial implants, but are too afraid to ask a professional about them? You’re not alone. There are many myths circulating about chin, jaw and cheek implants that keep people from consulting with a plastic surgeon.

We address the most common myths surrounding these types of implants and provide you with the facts you need to decide whether these procedures are right for you.

“Facial Implants Aren’t Safe”

This myth stems from the incidence of leaky breast implants in the late 20th century. Since then, medical implant manufacturers have made implants incredibly safe.

Today’s implants are made of bio-compatible materials which won’t leak. If secured properly, they also won’t shift. So, if you decide to undergo this procedure, the safety of the implants shouldn’t worry you one bit.

“Getting a Facial Implant Is Very Risky”

Yes, any surgery carries some level of risk. As with any surgery, facial implant patients might contract an infection, experience delayed healing or prolonged swelling.

Chin, cheek and jaw implant surgeries are quite safe. They are fairly easy to perform as well. They do not require many incisions, which means that your healing time will be shorter. Bleeding is minimal, too.

“Facial Implants Look Too Obvious”

When people undergo plastic surgery on their face, the results are noticeable. It’s not because other people will be able to see the outline of a facial implant, though.

After having plastic surgery, you’ll look like a better version of yourself. Moreover, you’ll have greater confidence and higher self esteem. Those are the things people will notice and those are the reasons you’ll get compliments.

“Facial Implant Surgery Has a Long Recovery Time”

Certain facial implants have a very short recovery time, actually. One example is chin implants.

Patients who have undergone chin implant surgery can expect swelling to last for three days. Many of them return to work in about a week after the procedure. Your plastic surgeon can tell you what to expect during the healing process.

“Plastic Surgery Is Only for the Vain”

This myth keeps people from undergoing plastic surgery. No one wants to be called self-absorbed.

Patients choose plastic surgery for a number of reasons, but the goal that tops the list is that they want to look like better versions of themselves and feel more confident.

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