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5 Tips For Brides Who Want To Have Slimmer Bodies Before The Wedding

It’s stunning what happens to ladies when they set a wedding date – they are prepared and ready to do whatever it takes to wear their excellent lady dress and astonish every single individual who attends the most vital day of their life.

However, ladies still need dietary guidelines with a specific end goal to take care of the business. After all, what you eat accounts for 80-90% of the success of building a leaner, sexier body. The following 5 dietary rules have helped brides to be toned down and caused multiple beneficial results for our numerous customers as far and wide as possible. By following these tips, women can expect to lose up to 2-3 pounds of undesirable fat per week and a go down 1 apparel size every month. Keep in mind  that the focus must be on enhancing general well being, body structure, and execution, NOT weight reduction!

Follow The “Fit Bride Mentality”: Eat to Increase Metabolism and Lose Fat (NOT Weight)

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink no less than 2-4 glasses of water promptly after waking. For the rest of the day drink no less than 1-2 glasses of water each hour. It is almost impossible to lose fat and keep muscle if you are dehydrated.

2. Eat Early and Eat Often

Eat breakfast soon after you wake up and every 2-4 hours afterwards. You should have a total of 6-8 meals a day. This is a foundation for any strong fat loss plan as it allows your body to starve out the fat and build the muscle. It also has been proven to reduce feeling of hunger that many brides experience when they go on strict diets. When we feel hungry, our body goes into the “starvation mode” and stores the fat instead of melting it. Something we don’t want at all!

You should plan your meals in a way that you have 3 full meals a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additionally, you should have 3 snacks in between to help you fuel your body. You may choose to have a protein or amino corrosive supplement as a snack before your workouts. This way you will spread out the necessary daily calories throughout the day and provide yourself with enough fuel to keep energy levels high.

3. Focus on the Essentials

Make sure you include lean proteins in each meal. A rule of thumb is to have a portion size that fits into the palm of your hand. Protein is not just the main muscle-builder, it also helps speed up metabolism and burn stored fat. Moreover, it takes your body twice as much effort to burn down protein than fat or carbs, resulting in higher calorie loss. And protein helps you build muscle, not store fat.

4. You NEED These 2 Supplements

Take a daily multi-vitamin supplement that includes both vitamins and minerals. This will help your body battle pre-wedding stress and perform at full capacity. It will also keep your immune system strong and prevent you from getting sick right before your wedding.

You should also take essential fatty acids (EFA) or fish oil supplement. Omega-3 fats found in fish oil will help your digestion system and improve skin and hair quality. You will also benefit from it long term: EFAs have been proven to prevent tumors, decrease anxiety levels and relieve joint pain.

5. Think Fibre First When It Comes To Carbs

When choosing your foods, it is important to know what you eat. You should always pick quality over quantity. All carbs that you select should contain at least 3g of fiber and less than 10g of sugar per serving. We have discovered that most females get the best results by consuming 50g of carbs a day excluding carb consumption from green vegetables as well as protein and fat products.

Written by Olga Pomeransky,

District Manager at Best for Bride.

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