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How Should You Respond When People Compliment Your Looks After A Breast Augmentation

Once you get your new breast implants, you may receive compliments from your friends and sometimes, total strangers. Most people were brought up to believe that they should be modest when taking compliments. This is because you do not want people to assume that you are bragging. While deflecting a compliment may be viewed as being modest, it could be a sign that you don’t trust the opinion of other people. This raises the question: how should you respond to compliments after a breast augmentation?

Do not Dismiss Compliments

Women with high self-esteem may reject compliments because they want to be seen as modest. On the other hand, women with lower self-esteem will not genuinely accept the compliment because it’s inconsistent with their body image. A compliment is similar to a gift and turning down a gift insults the giver, it shows that you don’t value them. Accepting compliments boosts your self-confidence.

Practice a Number of Responses to Compliments

Accepting a compliment is a sign that tells the other person you trust their judgment. It shows that you appreciate what the other person has to say about you. Be sure to acknowledge the compliment and be thankful.  Make it a habit to say something positive to the person giving you the compliment. Complement others regularly and make it a part of who you are.


Your body language says a lot and may not require you to say anything. When taking a compliment, make sure you smile. This makes the person complimenting you feel confident and appreciated. Smiling shows that you’ve accepted the compliment and you can move on to other topics.

Return a Compliment Later

When a person compliments you, take time to enjoy the moment. Take time to notice the things they put a lot of effort into and acknowledge their efforts too. Make sure you return the compliment within a short period of time. While some people may return a compliment immediately, it may not seem genuine or simply a discount of the compliment given to you. If you’re not sure of what to say, it would be best if you said nothing at all.

Give Credit Where it’s Due

Share your compliments with the people who may have helped you while you had your breast augmentation. It shows that you acknowledge their efforts and that the surgery would not have been possible without their help.

When you notice that a compliment is not sincere or is confusing, you may consider looking into various ways to explore it. On the other hand, you can also choose to let the compliment pass as opposed to tackling it. If you want to avoid an awkward silence after being complimented, move the conversation graciously without deflecting their compliment. However, remember to acknowledge the compliment before changing the topic.

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