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Why Abdominoplasty is More Attainable Than You Think

Are you suffering from back pain, joint paint, or have excess skin due to extreme weight loss? Well, there are some surgical solutions that can help you feel better physically while feeling better about the skin you’re in today. There’s a routine, safe surgery called Abdominoplasty or more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck and there are many reasons to choose this surgery, even if the cost is frightening to you, there are ways to obtain the body that you deserve! Abdominoplasty is not covered by insurance, but most clinics offer finance options to make a tummy tuck attainable.

What’s the difference between a panniculectomy and abdominoplasty?

There are subtle differences between the two but simply put a panniculectomy is a procedure to remove excess skin which can happen after extreme weight loss, or the existence of boils, or other skin conditions that require the skin to be removed for the comfort of a person and of course the biggest difference between the two procedures is that a panniculectomy is covered by insurance because there are specific medical reasons to obtain this surgery. A panniculectomy will not tighten the skin or flatten the stomach like an abdominoplasty will, this surgery is about taking away skin instead of sculpting the body.  

Who should get a tummy tuck and why?

Abdominoplasty is an elective surgery so anyone can choose to have the procedure, but before you make the choice, take a moment and assess how you feel today. If you’re ready mentally to have the body you want to see in the mirror every day, then you deserve it and should go for it! Elective surgery is about you and for you! Don’t let someone else tell you, you need to change, just focus on how you would feel after and who you want to be.

I want a tummy tuck but am worried I can’t manage the recovery time

This is still a medical surgery and recovery time is essential to stave off infection and ensure a successful procedure however immediately following your surgery, you be able to go home and rest but the doctor will expect you to return between two and five days to check on your incision, sutures, and drainage tubes. Your stitches can come out after ten days, and the entire process of recovery will take about two weeks, but two weeks for a happier, healthier you? I think we could all afford that!

What is the cost for abdominoplasty?

If you want a complete breakdown of cost, the best thing to do is research and choose a clinic that suits your taste and location. Every doctor is different and you have to put your health ahead of cost and make sure you have a good relationship with the doctor you choose because the experience you have does matter.

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