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How to Fight Aging After 60


You can still feel the youth in your heart and soul, but since you’ve hit 60, it seems like time is only speeding up. Every day, your bones ache a little more and you discover more wrinkles and gray hairs. Nobody can stay young forever but it is possible to slow the process and minimize those tell-tale signs of aging.

The biggest enemy is stress: stress will increase your wrinkles, hurt your health, and ultimately accelerate aging effects. As far as possible, you should reduce stress in your life. Happier people not only live longer, but they feel, act, and look younger too.

Like most things, how you age can largely be attributed to your genes, lifestyle, diet, and mentality. While you have no control over your genes, making simple changes to your lifestyle, diet, and mentality can make you look and feel 20 years younger.

Physical activity has been closely linked to a reduction of stress. An active lifestyle also means your body will generate more growth hormones, which is the antidote for almost every symptom of ageing—growth hormones increases your energy levels, clears up your skin, and improves libido.

But it’s not all about action; rest is just as important. When you sleep, your body also produces growth hormones to heal and repair your body. If you’re having trouble sleeping, examine the temperature, light, and noise levels of your environment and fix any irritations.

A lot has been said about antioxidants: molecules that protect the body from oxidation and aging. While the effectiveness of antioxidant supplements are inconclusive, there is evidence for the health and anti-aging benefits of antioxidant-rich foods such as prunes and Brussel sprouts.

A more tried-and-true diet change is in regards to protein. Proteins are the building blocks of bodily health, repair, and replenishment. Protein slows the insulin process, which means less weight gain and minimum risk of disease. Protein also stabilizes blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces stress. Look for protein-rich foods that are also low in fat: foods like fish, egg whites, or tofu.

Your brain is certainly one of the most important organs of your body. As you get older, you may find things harder to remember or focus on. Brain puzzles have largely been debunked so what can you do to keep your mind sharp and vital? Fortunately for you, science shows that an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and low stress all support your cognitive abilities.

So you have every reason to start adjusting your lifestyle and diet to feel, look, and think younger!
Is there anything more I can do?

Sometimes, despite all the correct lifestyle and diet changes, you’re still not where you want to be. This is when science can intervene—cosmetic surgery can completely reverse the signs of aging, which when supplemented with the right lifestyle, diet, and mentality changes can make you feel, act, and look younger.

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