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How Does Arm Lift Surgery Work?

Arm lift surgery is a popular procedure among men and women. However, before undergoing this procedure, it’s important to know what it is and how it works. Many people have an issue with excess arm tissue. In most cases, this sagging tissue is the result of extreme weight loss and aging. A huge diet shift or pregnancy can cause the skin on the arms to sag. The problem is that this sagging skin is very unsightly, and it can cause a huge loss in self-confidence.

When the arm is extended outwards, the sagging skin is much more visible. In countries like the UK, this condition is frequently referred to as Bat Wings. Fortunately, the sagging arm skin can be eliminated through arm lift surgery.

How Does Arm Lift Surgery Work?

Most arm lift surgeries require about two hours in the operating room. After the surgery, patients might have to spend one to two days in the hospital. Anesthesia is continually injected to minimize the pain.

Most patients experience minimal discomfort after the surgery. It’s important to go into the surgery with the right expectations. It’s not realistic to expect zero scarring because this is a surgery.

The surgery will involve an incision made from the elbow up to the armpit. The incisions will be on the inside of each arm. Before the incisions are closed with sutures, the fat and excess skin will be removed. Some doctors use their own special techniques, which help the wounds to heal faster.

Recovery Time

While recovering from this procedure, a feeling of tightness and swelling are normal. It can take up to a week before the stiches are removed. Wear supportive garments for a few weeks after the surgery. The purpose of wearing these garments is to reduce swelling while speeding up the healing process. To reduce the chance of infection, keep the wound clean and dressed.

The Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery will refine the contours of the patient’s arms making the arms look thinner. There are several advantages of undergoing this arm lift surgery. The procedure reduces the excess fat in the upper arm as well as saggy skin. The remaining skin on the arms is toned. By far, the greatest benefit of arm lift surgery is a dramatic boost in self-confidence.