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5 Habits You Should Have To Keep Your Breasts Healthy

Breasts are a crucial part of every woman’s body, yet very few women know how to properly take care of them. Fortunately, maintaining healthy breasts isn’t difficult at all. Make these seven habits a part of your daily, weekly, and yearly routine to keep your breasts happy and healthy.

Check them regularly for any signs of cancer or other dangerous conditions

Get to know your breasts so you can recognize what is normal and what isn’t. Ask your doctor to show you the proper self-check procedure, and make sure to check yourself for any suspicious lumps or abnormalities on a daily basis.

Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight

Exercise is good for your entire body, from your heart to your lungs to your muscles and skin. Your breasts are no different, and exercising for just an hour a day on each weekday can help you maintain healthy breasts by warding off obesity, plus boosting the function of your immune system and lowering your excess estrogen and insulin. Being even a little overweight can raise your chances of breast cancer and a number of other conditions, so maintain healthy breasts

Keep up on a healthy diet

There is no such thing as the perfect diet, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your breasts (and the rest of your body) are as healthy as they can possibly be. Eat a variety of whole grain foods, plus foods that are low in fat and high in fiber. Also, fill your meals with dark green, red, and orange fruits and vegetables. These contain nearly every vitamin imaginable, plus a host of antioxidants to cleanse toxins out of your system. Try eating them raw, if you can.

A number of studies have also found a connection between foods that are high in phytoestrogens (that is to say, plant estrogens), like soy, lentils, and grains, have been linked to breast cancer prevention. These studies are by no means conclusive, but it definitely can’t hurt to pile these items into your diet either way.

You also want to be sure to wash all fresh food before you eat it, even if you plan on cooking it, to be sure you’re not putting any toxic chemicals into your body. Alternatively, you can spring for organic foods, which cost more but often taste better.

Cut down on the alcohol and cigarettes – or cut them out altogether

Tobacco may give you an immediate feel-good rush, but it won’t feel quite so good when your skin gets blotchy and begins to sag. This is especially prominent in your chest area, where the skin is stretched thin to begin with.

Alcohol, meanwhile, can harm your breasts even worse. Red wine may improve heart health, but research has also shown that as little as two servings of alcohol each day can up your risk of breast cancer by almost 1/4. If wine is your drink of choice, you can get your fix through fresh grapes, the skin of which can actually reduce that same risk.

Educate yourself!

Know what is healthy and what is not. Many women in their thirties experience a sort of tender lumpiness from hormonal changes, and that is entirely normal. However, there’s a fine line between normal and hazardous, and you should also know w

Also know your family history. A very large percentage of breast cancer cases come down through a person’s family tree. If you educate yourself on your family history, you’ll know exactly how close an eye you should keep on your healthy breasts.