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Weight Loss After Breast Augmentation (Everything You Need To Know)

We answer a lot of questions about breast implants and weight loss.

Women may be asking themselves “does my weight effect the results of the surgery?” The short answer is yes.

Should Women Lose Weight Before or After They Get Breast Implants?

When a woman chooses to get breast implants, there are several things that she should do to prepare herself for the surgery. One of these tasks is losing weight.

Now, it is important to understand that women do not HAVE to lose weight to get implants. However, doctors recommend that they are at their ideal and/or a stable weight before the surgery. This will give women the best results possible.

If women lose weight after the surgery, the appearance of their breasts may be affected. A significant weight loss can result in the breast tissue and nipple position. In a small amount of cases, women who lose weight will have a smaller amount of tissue covering the implant. This may lead to the appearance of “ripples”.

Generally speaking, it is better for women to get to their ideal or a “stable” weight before their surgery. If women are determined to lose a large amount of weight, they should do so before they get their implants. However, the chance of this happening is very unlikely.

Most people lose 1 to 2 pounds a week on a diet and exercise plan. In order to lose enough weight, women need at least a few months to change their lifestyle.

How Weight Loss Impacts Breast Implants

Women who lose weight after the surgery may find that their breasts are too big for their liking. Being at a stable weight will allow women to select which size implants they find suitable for their body type.

Losing Weight After Breast Surgery

Women who do lose weight after their surgery need to do it in a safe manner. This means eating a healthy calorie controlled diet and exercising regularly.

If women do not lose more than 2 pounds a week, their weight loss is unlikely to make their implants look different. Some might find that their implants are too big for their tastes. If this situation occurs, women may have to get their current implants removed and get smaller ones put into their body.

How to Get Breast Implants

Considering getting breast implants or a breast reduction? Make appointments with a few different plastic surgeons.

During the consultation, women should ask the following questions:

– How much does the surgery cost?
– Who will perform the surgery?
– What is the recovery time?
– How much time will I need to take off work?
– What are the risks associated with the surgery?
– Will women need to get their nipples altered in any way?

At this time women can ask any questions they have regarding weight loss. If the patient is happy with the information, she can go ahead and schedule the surgery.

Getting breast implants can change a woman’s life. Having bigger breasts make women feel more feminine and desirable. This improves their self-confidence and makes them feel great about themselves. While breast implants are costly, the psychological benefits make them worth every penny! Very few regret making the decision to get their breasts enlarged.

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