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Plastic Surgery Costs and Financing (2024 Updated)

If you are considering any type of plastic surgery, your health insurance may not cover the costs of the procedure. This is because most insurance policies cover necessary medical procedures but not plastic surgery costs. In recent times, more plastic & cosmetic surgery procedures have become more affordable because plastic surgery financing has become common. For most patients, the plastic surgery costs are too much to pay at once. Most doctors now offer payment plans which allow patients to pay in installments for their cosmetic procedures.

The Cost of Plastic Surgery

The cost of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is dependent on various factors such as the geographic location of the surgical procedure, the cost for the actual procedure, anesthesia fees (local anesthesia or general anesthesia), medication, amount of work involved, medical tests, surgical garments and other expenses related to the surgery. Plastic surgery is becoming more affordable because more doctors are offering financing plans for qualified borrowers.

Most plastic surgeons (doctors) are looking at financing as a way of increasing the number of patients they treat daily. The higher the number of clients they are able to service, the higher their income. The clients who get the cosmetic procedure services are only those who can pay the bill. In this case, the plastic surgeons like other financial lenders, want to be certain that the patient has the ability to pay for the cosmetic procedures. Therefore, they will assess your financial situation to ensure that you can afford it.

Plastic Surgery Financing Versus Personal Loans

There are 2 options of financing your surgical procedures; you can borrow a personal loan for your procedure or finance through a doctor. Financing through a  plastic surgeon is the cheaper option because they give low-cost loans. On the other hand, lenders will not offer incentives on the loan and interest rate may be high. They will ensure they pay the full amount for the procedure including fees and other costs. This implies that they will be more interested in recovering the full amount from you.

At Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery in Barrie, Dr. Dickie offers financing through his partnership with Beautifi.

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Many patients are travelling abroad to have plastic surgery or other expensive cosmetic procedures because the costs are much lower. While overseas plastic surgery is cheap, it comes with risks and you might end up with higher overall cost without getting the desired results. The lack of regulation in some countries means that medical standards fluctuate. This has led to botched surgeries and many plastic surgeons have seen a rise in the number of patients who need repair surgeries. There are no laws to protect you when you choose to have plastic surgical procedures overseas. While overseas plastic surgery may be cheap, the costs for revision surgeries and complications may be more than the initial cost of having the surgery performed in your own country.

Before hiring a plastic surgeon, make sure you do a thorough research. A highly skilled surgeon will charge more. Although you would like to pay less for quality service, the end results may not be quite what you expected. Before you pay up, you may want to ensure that you are dealing with a skilled surgeon whose clinic is registered with the medical statutory board of that country.

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