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What you Should Know About Travelling Abroad for a Cosmetic Procedure

Frequent media coverage on cheaper plastic surgery performed abroad has led to a dramatic rise in the number of people travelling abroad to undergo plastic surgery. While it may be cheaper, there are many risks involved. There are good plastic surgeons all over the world but the standards and guidelines in some countries are neither strict nor tightly controlled. If you’re considering having cosmetic surgery abroad, here are risks that may make you re-evaluate your decision.

Lack of a Doctor’s Consultation

A pre-surgery consultation is important because information about your health is gathered to determine your eligibility. It enables the doctor to identify any underlying problem that needs to be addressed before the surgery. If you’re having surgery abroad, it’s difficult to visit the surgeon for a consultation meeting hence you have no understanding of what your surgeon can provide. According to a report released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon’s (BAAPS), most of the patients met their surgeon for the first time on the day of surgery.

Language Barrier

A major disadvantage of having plastic surgery performed abroad is the issue of language barrier. Plastic surgery is a major undertaking and it’s important for the patient to understand what the procedure involves, limitations of the procedure and possible complications. If the doctor cannot speak English fluently, you may not understand important issues related to your surgery and recovery.

Aftercare May not be Straightforward

Every surgery has risks and complications and it’s the surgeon’s responsibility to provide a follow-up treatment. When you seek plastic surgery abroad and complications arise following the surgery, the surgeon may not be able to attend to you. Some of those overseas clinics may not have a qualified doctor in your country to attend to you incase complications arise.

Vacation-related Activities May compromise Your Recovery

After undergoing cosmetic surgery, relaxation is crucial to ensure speedy recovery. Although it’s possible to have a vacation before surgery, it’s impossible to have one after the surgery. Holiday activities such as lying in the sun, taking alcoholic drinks or doing strenuous activities could cause complications. Travelling after surgery could significantly increase your risk of developing complications. Did you know that long flights can increase the potential of developing blood clots or pulmonary embolism?

Poor Medical Regulations

Lack of proper medical regulations in foreign countries has led to poor standards which have resulted in several botched surgeries. Unlike the UK, where a surgeon’s performance is strictly monitored and annual independent appraisals are performed, some of the surgeon’s in foreign countries are not properly trained to perform certain procedures. Most of these foreign clinics do not have insurance arrangements. You need to establish what would happen if problems arose during treatment.

Bear in mind there are no U.K laws that protect patients or direct the training of surgeons performing plastic surgery outside the United Kingdom.  Although having plastic surgery in the U.K is costly, you’ll avoid the physical trauma that comes with botched surgeries