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The Risks and Benefits of Breast Reconstruction Every Patient Needs To Know

Breast reconstruction can be a great option for those who have undergone a mastectomy and want to regain the look and feel of natural breasts. If you are looking for a doctor specializing in breast augmentation in Barrie, you should understand that along with the benefits, there are some risks involved in the rebuilding of breasts.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

  • Aesthetically pleasing – A much flatter chest than what you are used to can make your body look unnatural to both you and your loved ones. Getting a breast reconstruction surgery done can alleviate this concern through either a breast augmentation, or receiving breast implants.
  • Boosts self-confidence – Having your breasts restored to a more natural state through breast augmentation in Barrie, or through implants, can help your self-confidence. Being happier about your body, and being able to show it off without feeling the need to explain yourself, or feel ashamed, can be priceless.
  • Negates the need for a wearable prosthetic breasts – Prosthetic breasts are better than nothing if you have had a mastectomy, but they are nowhere near as versatile as an actual breast augmentation or breast implants. Prolonged exposure to water, such as in a pool, is usually inadvisable with with prosthetics, not to mention needing to put on a swimsuit in the first place.

Risks Involved in Breast Reconstruction

  • Possible rupture of implants – Though this does not happen very often, breast implants have been known to rupture in some cases. Today’s breast implants are made from either silicone, or a saline solution, both of which are safe for the human body. You would have to get corrective surgery done immediately if an implant did rupture, but it is unlikely to leave any long term damage.
  • General anaesthetic risks – As with any operation where general anaesthesia is used, there is a tiny risk of your body having an extreme adverse reaction to it, which can be fatal. You run about a 1 in 250,000 risk of having a fatal reaction to general anaesthesia.
  • Small possibility of infection – Infections occurring from surgery do happen, though they are relatively uncommon. Areas that are most prone to infection include the part of the body where any extra tissue is removed, and the breast itself. Though the vast majority of infections are easily treated with antibiotics, some infections may require you to undergo hospitalization.

For most women who have been through a mastectomy, or those who want their breasts reconstructed for personal reasons, the benefits generally outweigh the risks. Having more firm, natural looking breasts again makes you feel much better about your body. Getting a breast augmentation in Barrie may the best option since everything is natural, whereas breast implants may be the way to go for some people because of their specific situation.