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How Long Does It Takes To Recover After A Tummy Tuck?

Considering having a tummy tuck in Barrie, but wondering just how long the recovery period lasts?  Typically, the healing process after a tummy tuck takes about four to six weeks. This is for full recovery, and is dependent upon the extent of your surgery.

With a tummy tuck, note that you will probably be out of commission for at least two weeks, which means no exercise, no working, etc.  You will most likely need to take time off of work, and will not be able to do your normal activities.  Make a grocery store run before your surgery and stock up! Also, make sure to get any drugs you might need.

Now, there are some things you can do to help yourself recover a bit more quickly:

Five Tips to Help You Recover Faster After a Tummy Tuck

1) Wear a compression garment. It can be both crucial to your healing and help speed up the process.  A compression garment will help to speed up the healing process, allowing you to return to daily life sooner. This is because compression helps to minimize your swelling and improves blood circulation.

It will also give your core more support and make you more comfortable.  This compression garment will also help to flush toxins from the body, and help the skin fit to your new body shape better.

2) Use ice to take away the swelling. Put a cold compress on to your swollen areas for 20 minutes, then take 40 minutes off. This needs to be done day and night for the first few days after surgery. After that, continue to use cold compresses for the next few weeks as this can really reduce swelling.  Remember that cold compresses should never be placed right on the skin, but instead should be wrapped in cloth or even put in Ziploc bags.

You can purchase a cold compress at the drugstore, or make your own using frozen vegetables or ice in a plastic bag.

3) Walk around.  Yes, you should take two weeks, at least, off from regular activities, but you should walk around every day.  You need to do a bit of walking each day during the first week, and then more and more as the weeks progress.  Walking helps with circulation and prevents blood clot formation. It can also ease swelling.   Your pain medication may cause you to feel bloated, and walking (as well as drinking plenty of water) can help ease this bloat.

4) Get your sleep!  Your body heals overnight, so sleep is essential to healing.  To sleep well, put extra pillows under your knees as you will be sleeping on your back for the first couple of weeks.  This extra softness under the knees can prevent some stretching of the tummy.

5) Ease your scars.  It goes without saying that after the tummy tuck, you will have scars. Use silicon sheeting (it has been proven to help) or another topical scar cream.  Silicon sheets help prevent keloids, which are overgrowths of scar tissue, and they can help to flatten your scars. Make sure to protect those scars from the sun.

*Note that silicon sheeting should only be used after your wounds have closed.