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What if Your Spouse Doesn’t Want You to Get Cosmetic Surgery

According to, “Over 300,000 cosmetic procedures are performed each year in Canada.” Cosmetic surgery has become more commonplace, and attitudes toward it are changing as people recognize that patients’ reasons are personal and complex. Of course, if you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you may face opposition from others, including those you’re closest to. If you’re certain that this is the right step for you, then here are some ways to approach the topic with your spouse to help them see your point of view.

Ask them what about your plans makes them uncomfortable,

then go over your own feelings about that aspect from your perspective.

While your partner understandably has feelings about your body and may feel protective of it, you also have your own reasons for wanting this. If you meet their concerns with your own, differing perspective, then they will hopefully see that understanding and respecting your feelings is important. Once they’ve heard your side of things, they may see your choice in a new light as they consider aspects of cosmetic surgery that they may not have thought of on their own.

Remind your partner that this is about you exercising your own agency.

Your partner may be concerned that you are changing yourself due to social expectations or because you don’t believe that they want you enough. Let them know that you want the surgery to make YOU feel good about YOUR body. You are choosing something that makes you feel empowered. If you are considering surgery because of negative input from others, you might need to address their behavior; regardless, your choice shouldn’t lead to more body-shaming, whether you choose to go forward with the surgery or not. Also review positive patient experiences with your spouse.

Your spouse also needs to understand that your body is yours, despite how much they may adore and enjoy it. An article in MadameNoire describes the experience of a woman who, after pregnancy, does all the right things but still can’t get back to the body she had. She wants to get a little nip and tuck to feel more like herself, but her husband is opposed to her getting work done.

Wanting plastic surgery to feel more like oneself isn’t uncommon, and you are the only person who can know what it is like to live in your body.

Decisions about what you choose to change about your body are yours to make, though partners are allowed to weigh in with their feelings. Regardless of what surgery you want and why, your personal comfort with your body is paramount.

Educate your spouse about the procedure.

Your spouse may be objecting because they don’t understand what the procedure involves. They may be picturing a more dramatic change in your appearance than will actually result; or they may be worried about your safety. For example, if you are considering liposuction, let them know that, according to the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, complications are infrequent. Skin numbness is to be expected and should be temporary. You can get back to work within a few days, though swelling and bruising will take two to three weeks to subside. Letting them in on the details may reassure them that you will still be the partner they love and that you aren’t taking undue risks.

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