If you’ve tried diet after diet, you may find yourself asking “Do I want liposuction?” Sometimes areas of localized fat won’t budge no matter how well you eat or how much exercise you do. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide if liposuction is right for you. Are You a Good Candidate.. read more →

Thinking about liposuction? This procedure, which involves the removal of fat from under than skin through a canula, can be effective for people with isolated areas of fat that are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. Ideal candidates are close to their desired weight and have good skin tone and elasticity. As plasticsurgeryinfo.ca explains,.. read more →

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits from the stomach, thigh, and hips. It is typically performed for cosmetic reasons, and has become an attractive option for the general population due to cost reductions in recent years. As with many cosmetic surgeries, there are many unfounded myths surrounding this procedure that may.. read more →

The typical image of liposuction that most people have in mind tends to involve a tube sticking out of a huge belly, deflating the fat out of the stomach. However, liposuction has improved and evolved to provide precise contouring rather than only removing large amounts of fatty tissue from the belly area. Various areas of the.. read more →

20 Mar 2015
March 20, 2015

5 Liposuction Myths, Debunked

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With the popularity of liposuction increasing, it’s never been more important to educate yourself about the procedure, the requirements, costs and everything else related to liposuction. In so doing, you’ll easily separate facts from myths. What Is Liposuction Liposuction is a proven way to remove stubborn fat pockets from trouble spots like the abdomen, thighs,.. read more →

The debate in your mind about whether to get cosmetic surgery done may rage silently while you’re driving to work, cleaning the house or pounding away on the elliptical machine – should I, or shouldn’t I? The pros and cons of plastic surgery can’t be evaluated properly without accurate information about the procedure in question… read more →